Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Best Leatherworking Quest of Cataclysm


That should be all I have to say about it, but let me explain if you haven't ran across this wonderful wonderful quest.

It's on the far end of Twilight Highlands story - it's quest #108, if you're looking at your Alliance quest counter (I haven't advanced to that point on my Hordie yet - you'll just have to figure that one out), so you have a bit of story to go through.

But once you get to that quest, you do not EVER EVER turn it in.

You have this burnt forest full of Obsidian Pyrewings flying around and Obsidian Charscale and Obsidian Viletongue on the ground.
The quest giver gives you Wyrmhunter Hooks that will act like grappling hooks and propel you in the air on the back of the Pyrewings so you can hack and slash at them until they die and fall to the ground.
The fun part is that you do not get attacked or hit or damaged by the mobs while you're killing them!
These wonderful hooks have an 80-yard range and can also be used on friendly dragons, but you will be targeting killable mobs.

What you will need is this macro:
/tar Obsidian Pyrewing
/use Wrymhunter Hooks
There are two things you have to watch out for: the mobs on the ground that you might fall on top of and the beach.
Mobs on the ground can be easily killed, but if you're a ranged class you might want to time when you give the Pyrewing the killing blow so you land on a safe spot.
The beach can be a little worrisome because it is the only spot in this region where you will take fall damage from falling with your dead Pyrewing - all the other space in the forest region will make you fall with no damage whatsoever.

Here's the other fun part: apart from the mobs in the Grim Batol dungeon, these dragons have the highest drop rate of Blackened Dragonscale and a very decent drop rate of Savage Leather.

Well, you know what to do with those, don't you ? :)
The ground mobs even have the same loot and skin table, so if you aggro one of them you don't feel bad about wasting your time on another mob !

So all you have to do is spam the macro, kill the mob, skin it, repeat!
The spawn rate is Cataclysm-crazy (aka really good for farmers) and you get a good amount of skins in no time!
Add a few Potions of Treasure Finding to the mix and you're good to go for hours of easy farming!

Sure, you could farm these mobs without having the quest, but the Wyrmhunter Hooks make it SO much easier!
Just make sure you don't ever turn the quest in!


  1. How much leather and Dragonscales do you get on average, if you farm the mobs for an hour?

  2. Haven't tried to get numbers for scales per hour yet because the skinner I was on at the time did not have good farming gear (enough DPS to kill everything quickly), but I'm going to be working on it soon.
    Have some heavy herb farming happening right now (the guild and myself are running very low on herbs and Volatile Life) and I'll have a few Treasure Finding potions handy when I do the testing.
    I'll post screenies with MobInfo2 to show stats and everything.

  3. Srsly. This is for skinners, not leatherworkers.