Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chocolate Cookies: The Risk

In the previous post, I mentioned banking on the chance that people might buy Chocolate Cookies for the achievement You'll Feel Right As Rain where you have to gain 91 stacks of the Satisfied buff you get when you eat the cookies.
I will put them in stacks of 20 for in between 20g to 40g.

Now people might think I'm just banking on a get-rich-quick thing and I'll be out in a few days.
That is true.
BUT, the other thing I'll be doing is selling Cocoa Beans (to make the Cookies) on the AH as well on the off-chance that they fix the Imported Supplies as intended.

Something people might not have known unless they paid attention to it...
Imported Supplies was meant to be containing one of three ingredients : Cocoa Beans, Dry Yeast or Noble Hops.
The bag was supposed to change every day and the bag's description would let you know what's in it before you spend the cooking token on it.
However the bag was apparently bugged and got hotfixed to supply only Cocoa Beans until the programmers could fix the issue.

Wowhead comment:
Something went wrong, according to a GM, and the 'Imported Supplies' sack is NOT rotating its contents as it is supposed to; it is instead stuck on cocoa beans (apparently 2 stacks worth). The GM Mephron spoke to indicated that it's a known bug, that it would be fixed in 'an upcoming patch' but s/he was unable to give Mephron an estimated date for said patch.
The thing about Dry Yeast and Noble Hops is that they are both needed to make the Darkbrew Lager, which is an item that is needed to complete the Cataclysmic Gourmet achievement.
Fortunately for achievement whores, the achievement got hotfixed at the same moment as the Imported Supplies, so everybody could get their achievement and stop foaming at the mouth.

What if the programmers managed to fix everything ?
What if the Imported Supplies now started rotating between the three items ?
And what if Blizzard decided that we had enough of gorging ourselves on Cocoa Beans and made it the least one to show up on the Imported Supplies - just as people needed to buy a ton of them to get their achievement ?

The one who bought the Cocoa Beans in advance must be laughing his tits off.

IF everything happens that way.
That's a big IF.
So that's why I'm stacking less than a thousand cookies and hope to move them by the end of the first weekend after Patch 4.1 hits us.
Who knows, I might get lucky and bring in a few hundred gold with this.

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