Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No, I'm Not Wasting My Time

I have to confess that I am not a good gold-maker, because I care too much about the guild I'm in.

I have been asked why I said that I am half-assing at gold-making in-game, why I am not aiming for a specific amount of gold, why I don't partake in the obsidium/elementium shuffle, etc...
The reason is that I have given myself other objectives that take first place before gold-making does.
And that specific objective has to do with the guild achievements.

Okay stop for a second.
I know what you're thinking.
Besides achievements that have useful rewards attached to them, guild achievements are pointless, right ?
Well, not for me, they're not.
Let's just make it very clear that this is my opinion and I will take the time to explain it.

Okay so we have these guild achievements and daily guild rep and personal weekly guild rep.
I want to maximize these things as much as possible with all of my toons and make sure that nothing gets wasted.
I'm the kind of guy that herbed his way from 80 to 85 before he started questing, in order to get max gold from questing.
My main got 80 to 85 with a mix of mining and archeology.
I made sure all my toons explored all of the nooks and corners of the new zones (getting the Explore achievement is not enough) and got all the free XP from it because it's XP that can never be had again once you hit the level cap.
And it's a tad more gold you get from questing because those few bars of XP are pushing you a bit more closer to level cap.
Yeah, nothing wasted for more gains.

So long story short: everything that I do has an objective that is guild-related.

Ore: I prospect it all, cut the blues and purples for the guild jewelcrafting achievement, use the gems for the daily JC transmutes (yes, all 3 of them), craft rings and necklaces, send those to my enchanter who will disenchant them for the guild disenchantement achievement, then sell the results on the Auction House.
I don't remember which gold blog posted about it, but yes indeed there is a need for all types of enchanting mats (except those worthless shards that you can't even vendor).
Many stacks of Infinite Dust at 90g ?
Why, yes, I do have some of that.
As for the gems, I stalk the AH for raw blue gems that are under or equivalent to cut vendor price, buy, cut and vendor them.
Seriously, small profits stack up.
Especially if people still are getting rid of their stockpiles of the previous expansions.

Herbs : I send one stack to my alchemist who will make flasks for the guild flask achievement, I put one stack in the guild bank and I mill one stack to make glyphs for the very odd guild glyph achievement.
I could jump in the glyph market on the Auction House, but that venture is so complex and there's not enough painkillers at my disposal to even begin to be competitive.
So since I don't have time to mess around with them and I need to move those glyphs as quickly as possible, I shove them at a very ridiculous price and bark a few times in Trade.
I just need a few gold in return to be satisfied.
Yes, I know that's not the best way to profit from that and I am ultimately wasting my time/gold ratio, but I don't really care (call me stoopid if ya like).

Critters: I kill them when they're in my way.

Dailies: As long as it's not Feeling Crabby? (SO annoying some days), I do them for the dailies guild achievement, and the Alliance rep, and the guild rep, and just the rep if they're characters in the process of leveling (even if I'm not thinking of actively leveling them for months!).

Characters: New characters have tradeskills especially to help bump up the skinning and glyphing achievements (the most deficient ones in the guild currently).

Okay, picture gotten, I hope.
So that's why I'm being half-assed about my own gold-making.
My level of dedication to my guild is 100%.
In the end, everyone in the guild will profit from all of that.
Achievements, guild perks, mounts, pets...
I'm always about the long-shot and the big picture and I always try to find a way to make a little profit on the side.
Everybody wins !

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