Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh yeah, forgot about this...

One-week vacation happening currently - totally forgot about posting...
I'll cook up the next installment of my "Gold-making for Dummies" tangent soonish.

Just for the heck of landmarking it: this week I hit the old gold cap of 214k some days ago.
In these Cataclysm days where it's so easy to make gold, it's really not surprising.
Fun fact: before the Shattering patch hit us, I had 90k. So yeah...
Eventually I'll try to get to 500k, the halfway mark towards the 1 million cap, but only when I'll put my mind to it.
I'm casually playing the game and I am concentrating on boosting my main as well as helping the guild in as many ways as possible - so gold-making is taking a back seat in my priorities.
Heck - I haven't even had the time to hit all the Normal Cataclysm dungeons yet...
This is the first time that I have been hitting the cap of 25 daily quests on a regular basis.
And I have never shuffled so many items in between characters.
And I have no more space to create characters on my server anymore.
So yeah... Busy busy bee.

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