Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patch 4.1 : Wrath of the Lich King Part 2 : Gemmageddon!!!

Oh can you hear the cries of prospectors everywhere ?
Oh can you hear the wailing of the Experienced clashing with the anguished cries of the confused Newcomers to this Reborn Azeroth ?
Oh can you hear the despair and jealousy of DPS through the relentless torturous moaning of Trade chat ?

For now is the time for Patch 4.1 to rise!
All shall love it and despair !


I should really stop drinking this Limited Edition of Condensed-WoW Forum Extract with extra Televangelist Hate before my heart says “Screw this, buddy! I’m outta here!”.

Well, there are some truths within all this ruckus.

The ore and gems markets are jumping up and down faster than a Richard Simmons workout video put on fast-forward.
People have been bottling and fermenting their warm black rage, waiting for Call To Arms to release it with the effect and efficiency of a swarm of angry CGI bees on the face of all Nicolas Cage tank wannabes (wanna-bees ? Oh that was a bad one).
And dungeon nerfs are slowly but surely turning those “oh-so-hard” Cataclysm dungeons into the Wrath facerolls we so loved to hate.

What all this is making me feel, is that I won’t be delving into the ore and jewelcrafting business for quite a few days and the community will have effectively scared me again out of taking my tanks and my healer through the Cata dungeons.
Tough friggin’ luck.
Call back when your rage has been subdued.
Or has been misdirected by a new blog post by Ghostcrawler.

But there is a big silver lining.
I will be doing other things to occupy my time:
  • Pick up the They Grow So Fast quest from the Wintersaber Trainers (20 days of daily quests – gotta start them now!)
  • Sell a lot of pets on the Auction House
  • Complete the new ZG/ZA intro questing
  • Help out with Guild Challenges
  • Farm Poseidus and stick his mount on the AH for the most ridiculous price ever
  • Resume Archeology because it’s been given a brain to be smart about your digsites
  • Celebrate with my guild about the easy achievements we got from the incredibly awful and ridiculous professions guild achievement nerfs
  • Strut around with my Camel-Hoarder title along with half the server and then hide it because too many people have it
  • Stare at the Blizzard Store page until the Winged Guardian appears
Have a nice patch day!


  1. Hi, I just found your site and read all of the April posts. Have to say I like your writing style - will read the March posts when I can snag some more time.

    Heading home now to see what changes 4.1 brought - really interested in seeing if any of the guild achievements are more in reach now. My guild has stalled out at level 17 as most of the core group left and we can't even field a 10-man anymore :(

    Oh well, here's to doing it for ourselves :)

  2. More clarification on the guild disintegration.

    About 10 core people (tanks, healers, Raid Leader, etc.) quit WoW altogether.

    Another group of 5 got fed up with the lack of "skilled" players and transferred Horde (the two biggest raiding guilds on our realm actually went Horde along with many others so Alliance is struggling these days).

    We lost a few more players looking for more "progession" and now we're down to 20 accounts with time zone issues and the largest turn-out (8) is for the Sunday mount runs.

    We could build it back up, but for the remaining officers there's a lot of RL things like jobs & marriages taking priority so WoW time is hard to come by. ...and honestly training & gearing people up again just feels like such a grind.

    I'm content to rule the AH since raiding wasn't really my thing - I daydream of rebuilding only so we can get the remaning guild perks :)

  3. @ Anonymus
    Thanks for the comment!
    2 things:
    -Yes the guild achievements are way way more reachable than they previously were (the glyph one was ridiculous, but now it's way too easy)

    -Sounds like a possible guild merge with another guild that is level 17 or higher... Maybe one that has the same issues you are having (there's a lot of guilds who seem to be plagued by... deflation of playing/active people, so it should not be that difficult to find) - It's a suggestion, mind you