Monday, April 11, 2011

Rise of the Craftables

Ok methinks it's best if I make only one "For Dummies" post per week and post proper blog entries regularly... I'm still new to this so let's see how it works.

So, like Faid mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the JMTC meeting, Crafting Madness (as I call it) is finally in its last throes.
On my server it's been taking a couple of weeks for prices to start to readjust and now is the time for me to try to make profit out of it.
I've been waiting for prices of certain items to tank until people decide they're best to be disenchanted or vendored until suddenly the items became non-existent on the AH.

The new hip/hot thing now is items for alts (or mains, if you've been slacking off and been busy with too many things + RL *points at self*). Craftable items' prices are now on the rise for people who level alts through the Cata zones and dungeons - and some people are powering their alts to max out as many Justice Points as they can grab before 4.1 hits us.

The Notched Jawbone, which scribes were crafting to level their profession as it was a 5-point multi-gain, was posted steadily around 50g since the beginning of the expansion. Now it's sky-rocketed way over 2k each, which makes sense since it's the best blue item in the relic slot for death knights before raids (last I checked - don't quote me on this).

Crafted items with random enchantments (at all levels - not just 80+) are also all the rage.
Many new alts have been created and greens and blues are going like crazy on the AH - especially for the slots that are not covered by heirlooms.

Let me get sidetracked for a second.
Quick reminder concerning heirlooms: not everybody has them.
Also, not everybody has heirlooms for the class that they're playing.
In most cases, people at some point bought themselves a set of heirlooms for a specific class and didn't bother to buy a new set for other future alts.
So don't deny the Auction House of those greens and blues you've picked up randomly: people still buy them.

I've made a ridiculous amount of gold crafting Sapphire Signets and selling the ones with the most requested stats (whose prices may have been slightly higher than the others with less desirable stats but some people in a hurry would buy anyways).
All I needed to do was to make a single round of Winterspring in search of Thorium Ore and I was ready to roll.
I just had to keep an eye on my sold auctions to keep up the supply - selling like hotcakes on a weekend!

Has anyone ever seen a sale of hotcakes ?
Post me a comment if you did because the closest I've seen to that expression is either hot-out-of-the-oven bread or cupcakes... O_o

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