Thursday, April 14, 2011


Still assessing the situation.

Right now the PTR gem changes are making a huge dent in economies already.
I've noticed that Elementium ore has finally dropped from its usual 60g/stack down to 40g/stack, so I jumped on the occasion to do a bunch of shuffling (30 stacks - didn't want to spend too much time on it).
Cut and sold the Hessonite and Alicite.
Kept the Carnelians to trickle through the AH whenever the price isn't too low (or to craft disenchantable Carnelian Spikes once the guild gets Bountiful Bags).
Kept Zephyrite, Nightstone and Jasper to sell on the JC dailies at more than 12g a pop.
Kept some Infernal Rubies to cut and sell during raid times and some for safekeeping once patch 4.1 hits us.
Cut and posted on the AH some Demonseye and Ember Topaz.
Cut and vendored Dream Emerald, Amberjewel and Ocean Sapphire.

Got profit.

I might continue working on the Saronite shuffle as the Infinite Dust demand seems to be stable.
My Cataclysm version of the Saronite shuffle does not include much selling of rings and necklaces (although a few are ending on the AH).
Cut and vendor the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal, turn the rest into rings and necklaces with the Crystallized Earth I've mined, then send to disenchant.
What I am sure I will continue to do is to buy items to disenchant from the AH to bump up the guild disenchanting achievement.

Tip: In a group, choosing the Disenchant option will not make it count for the achievement.
The enchanter has to have the item in his bag for it to count.

What I had been doing to cut down risk and be sure to make a little bit of profit out of this, I used to check for greens that sold for 50s and less and buy them all, than disenchant the heck out of them.
Just do a little bit each day : it will add up.
It was all well and good as many people were picking up enchanting as a tradeskill and not a lot of people were supplying mats to the AH in the first months of the expansion.
But these last 2 weeks I've been hitting a wall and I've been lowering prices just to move the damn dusts.

This brings me to today's post by Cold that hit on the nose what I hadn't yet considered:

The Large Brilliant Shard business was a total and complete wreck ever since Insane in the Membrane was added to the game and tons of people were found running 50 to 60 dungeons and the AH was flooded by shards.
So I forgot about that toxic venture and didn't think of checking up on it.
But now that the levels of certain dungeons have changed and some requirements of the Insane achievement have been tweaked, the market has picked up and single shards are now going for 24g on my server (according to TUJ).
I'll take up the advice and see if I can work this for more gold.

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