Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thoughts on 4.1

Here's a random bunch of things about the 4.1 patch that I want to throw out - all my point of view - , now that we have a Release Candidate on the PTR.

Green gems: still worth having.
For crafting/vendoring or crafting/DE/sell the dusts.
But most importantly, those people who had a lot of green gems stockpiled will effectively be able to keep the daily JC gem market afloat during the waves that will be hitting the JC community on the AH.
In the last few weeks, the market has not fluctuated one bit on my server.

Ores : might drop in price.
Honestly, I'm not convinced that prices will drop incredibly because of vendor worth.
Either people will go farm their own ore (it really isn't all that complicated nowadays) or buy it straight from the AH because the prices will be so low.
But my money is on the fact that a lot of people will be going away from the ore markets and others will pick it right back up and will make an effort to raise the prices to a new level.
The AH will regulate itself, as it always has done.
One thing is sure: it will be interesting to see how the situation evolves.

Pets : will equal cha-ching!
Anyone noticed that the prices of pets has been slowly on the rise ?
Not just a few pets, but a very large amount of pets have had their prices go higher and higher ?
Oh right, that might've been me preparing the market for the pet achievements!
Tee hee hee.

Chocolate Cookies : stacks of cookies will mysteriously appear on the AH before the patch and all competition will be bought out...
I might have been responsible for that.
Is there an achievement related to the cookies in the patch ?

I'm also putting up a few Fish Feasts on the AH, on the chance that the changes on guild achievements might encourage people to buy feasts for the Dinner Party achievement.

As for the rest, Mageshadow already got us covered:

Oh and no epic gems. No epic gems. No epic gems.
Just in case people might not have noticed, there's not going to be epic gems in 4.1.
Just... stop asking about them.
My head will explode.
At this point, it feels like the epic gem market is making people salivate like crazy and they are going to pop veins if they don't see them soon.
Like an over-hyped project that takes way too long in the production stage, it might be a very long while before you get your hands on it.

So my advice to them is: breathe.
You have plenty of time.
Epic gems are not coming out any time soon.
Not even in Patch 4.2.
More on this soon.

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