Sunday, May 8, 2011

4.2 - Get on it NOW

(Disclaimer: This info is as of the current PTR info from May 5th. If anything changes after that, I'll try to update this post. Key word is "try".)

Crafters :
  • get your Dreamcloth cooldowns rolling
  • farm (or exchange) your Pristine Hides
  • get your Volatile Fire and Water
  • smelt your Hardened Elementium Bars
  • stock up on Truegold
  • farm your Heroics and stockpile your Chaos Orbs

I would like to link all the reasons why, but you should just go straight to the Wowhead PTR site and browse through all the items to get what I mean.
But I'll break it down for you so you don't have to wonder why.

Volatiles are STILL going to be all the rage - maybe even go higher in price than they are at right now.
Pro Tip: in the Firelands quest hub, my little pinkie is telling me that people are going to be picking up a lot of Volatile Fire, so don't be an idiot and expect to make tons of gold on that.
Think of it as you're being prepared before the incoming wave of available Volatile Fire.
Also, if you want to stop the Fire market to plummet, you should already start to keep an eye on it, flip low Volatiles, keep the price high and continue to do so when the Patch arrives on Live.

Raw Elementium ores will still be popular, either to post or flip, because you need 10 bars to make a Hardened Elementium Bar (and 4 Volatile Earth).

It also looks like the new JC PvP rings and necklaces will be using all kinds of blue-quality gems, including Ocean Sapphire, Dream Emerald and Amberjewel (good way to get their worth rising, Blizzard!), again worth rising the prices or flipping them.

On the same note, new craftable PvP gear is going to be very very popular, methinks.
I mean, have you seen those mounts for Rated Battleground achievements ?
Rated Battlegrounds ?
I was already eyeing the title for it.
New Rated Battleground mounts ?
Hell. Yes.
Dangle that carrot, Blizzard - you got me.
They need to get rid of the guild requirement and Rated Battlegrounds will be the new Hot Thing and the boost to PvP that they've been wanting to happen.

The new gem bag will be made by tailors, and the new scribe and mining bags will be made by leatherworkers.
I'd be ready for that on Day One, if I were you.
I'm getting my last points to max out my tailor and leatherworker just for that.

Blacksmiths are getting Plans for awesome iLevel 363 weapons that a lot of casual players and alts will be buying like hotcakes - demand will be high for these items.

Lots to do, gold-makers!
Go go go!

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