Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is that gold in your pocket or are you just happy to see Patch 4.1 ?

What's this ?
People in their blogs are talking about the Chocolate Cookie achievement ?
The Cataclysmically Delicious achievement ?

Okay it's understandable that people went straight to the big money-makers instead of these small, tiny pocket change type of sales.
But I went for those because I knew that no one else would.
Yeah I did not make zillions like all the gold-makers have been reporting since the arrival of the patch, but shoot me - I didn't have the time or motivation to go full-on like most people did. (It's a game - let me enjoy it!)

The thing is: I know people on my server are actually reading the gold blogs, more specifically JMTC and Cold's Gold Factory.
Anything that these two blogs propose, I will see people do - sometimes the same day, sometimes a few days after.
If no one is on it, I'll jump in for a few hours or a 12-hour auction, and then I'll leave it because that market will be swarmed.
I keep those ideas and tips in a "To Do Later" folder and I'll browse it when a few months have passed.
People will have left the market wide open and I'll be able to "own" it for a little while, until someone notices that things have picked up (and will "ruin" the market for me).

That's my style : Hit-and-run auctioneering.
Don't want people to remember my name for items that sit there for weeks and don't sell.
Don't want people thinking I'm sitting on a specific market that can make tons of gold so they can barge in with an undercutting tug-of-war.

I can't remember who wrote as a tip to not read or follow what gold blogs recommend to do, but that's what I kiiiinda do.
I take a lot of info into consideration.
So while people were talking about ores and dumping maelstrom crystals and whatnot, I concentrated on all the other things that were either time consuming or just felt left out.

The Cookies sold great. The Cocoa Beans too.
I managed to sneak in a last batch during the weekend before it was completely taken over by AH newbies. (Prices go up and down - no consistence - ends in undercutting wars)

Cataclysmically Delicious ?
Yeah anybody that's kept some of their food can cook it up and shove it on the AH.
Anybody can run to the vendors too.
However, I bet you did not know about Oily Giblets, Rock-Hard Biscuit, Unidentifiable Meat Dish, Vile Purple Fungus.
Only sold by two Twilight's Hammer vendors during the period of questing when your character is infiltrating the Cult.
Oh yeah, these are constant sellers.

I also sold a bunch of Wrath feast mats and Fish Feasts, barking about the new guild achievement that is now quick and easy to reach. (I didn't mention that all the mat costs add up to a few thousands of gold, but I don't want to discourage people, do I ?)
With any luck, your server will have Wrath feasts mats be cheaper to buy than the Cataclysm feast mats, so there's a window of opportunity that someone can take advantage of before a competitor realizes that he can dump his stockpile of Wrath fish in your alley. (That sounded like a metaphor for something really nasty, but I'm too tired to make any sense out of it, so I'll just leave that there for you to figure out...)

Pets sold very well.
NO Horde pets on Alliance side! None!
Unfortunately, the prices are now too high on Horde side for me to buy, transfer, sell and be sure that I will make a decent profit.
I jump on my hordie every day to do a few Tournament dailies - it'll pay off in the end !
The bad thing I did with pets ?
I did not expect so many people to have kept so many Red and Green Helper Boxes.
Even when I started to buy the low competition, they posted more and more, so I got screwed... for now.
Let them sell their whole stock - I'll be taking care of my stockpile in a few months.

The buzz about Jewelcrafting ?
I threw my hands up and said Fuck It.
Too many people in it and a lot of them are babysitting the AH.
Same thing with glyphs.
Not worth my time right now - it goes in the Later folder.

I've been farming Poseidus almost obsessively.
I was the first one back in the water when the server came back up and now I have a run of all his spawn points.
I haven't seen him so far and TUJ tells me no one has even thought of posting the mount.
Still a chance to make bank with this - I'm not giving up.
The good part about looking for him is that I've also mapped my route to also follow herb spawns.
I grab a bunch of cheap Whiptail and make Flasks of the Winds.
I grab a bunch of cheap Heartblossom and make Flasks of Flowing Water.
Put a third of them in my bank, a third in the guild bank, a third on the AH.
My alchemist is Elixir specced ("Flask specced" if you're a Wrath Baby) and the procs have been working good for me - the guild is close to 2500/3000 for the guild achievement.
The flask department has been left almost completely empty recently, so I've been making a killing with those.
When I run out of farmed Volatile Life, I send the rest of the collected herbs to my scribe.
Mills them, makes a ton of glyphs.
Glyphs are stockpiled in my alt guild bank to either help guildies or for a future hardcore venture into the glyph market.
The Inferno Ink market has also been left almost wide open since 4.1, so I've been very happy.

In other boring news, I'm still buying cheap greens, disenchanting them for the guild achievement, and selling the dusts and essences.
And since 4.1, people have been leveling their enchanting skills.
A lot.
I don't know if that's just a coincidence, because I don't see any reason for a rush of enchanters to suddenly appear. but my pockets have been happy this past week.

I've made about 30K since the patch hit us but I haven't been on very often and my weekend was very busy too, so I unfortunately did not get to take advantage of the patch as much as any gold-maker would.
But it did give me the opportunity to take a look at some of the forgotten markets that some people left wide open for the shiny new things, and I got my foot in the door just long enough to make sneaky sells before anyone would notice.

So that was my "report" on the patch.
Seems like everybody made money off of it!
I'm still waiting for Blizzard to bring in some new gold sinks.

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