Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Status: Hitting Alt Time

It's been 2 weeks solid that prices have steadied in certain markets on my server, so it's time to take a look at what's been happening (on my server).

You know what it feels like ?
We're back to Alt Time in-game.
Alt Time is a phase of time in WoW when people log on their mains only to run their required Heroics (made easy by 4.1) and their scheduled raids - and the rest of their time is spent on alts.
Cities feel a little bit more empty than usual and interest towards leveling items and tradeskill recipes and mats is going up.

The big rush of Cataclysm blues is done now.
That seems to be very very clear because sales and prices of those 79-85 blues having been steadily dropping and can't be sold over 1K (PvE items, not PvP - don't know what's happening on the PvP end of sales and I have no interest or time for it until 4.2 arrives).
I'm thinking that mostly all level 80 alts have all been leveled and geared for level 85.
The only people that will be buying that gear will be the ones that are reaching level 80 with the alts they've leveled when we got the Shattering patch (and stopped when they hit 60-70) or the new characters that have been created from scratch since we got Cataclysm.
So things seem to be back to what normal gear progression used to be like.
The only slots that are still selling for a considerable amount and don't seem to fluctuate much are weapon, off-hand and relic.
(I don't deal with epics either, so I don't know what's happening there)

Blues coming from the Blasted Lands rare run are selling well too.
And the Thorium Ore that I'm collecting from that run is helping to cover demand for rings and necklaces of that range of levels, as well as some of the demand for the materials as well (it's a bit crowded, but I can get in with the right timing).

On my crusade to help the guild achievement for disenchanting items, I've been having a surprising positive effect on the markets of low-level greens and selling enchanting mats.
Suppliers of low-level greens are now posting more and more frequently and they know they have a buyer (if they post under 51s per item) - so I can spend a lot of time every night disenchanting my finger prints away.
In return, I post all the mats I get right back in the AH and settle prices for certain dusts and essences that are either too high or too low.
The only exception to that rule is Infinite Dust, which sells at a steady 90g per stack.
But that's because I'm keeping the Saronite shuffle alive.

I'm still doing the JC daily in Dalaran because the Dragon's Eye are going for 150-200g depending on the days.
Also, I have a few stacks of Frozen Orbs I have left, so I'm going through the new no-cooldown Icy Prisms and selling the raw blue gems.

I'm taking this occasion to do some Northrend archeology at the same time.
So as I'm flying around, I mine every node I come across.
Saronite Ore is propected : green gems help with the daily and the Icy Prisms, the rest gets turned into jewelry that I disenchant and post the Infinite Dust.
The Cobalt Ore is posted for 40g per stack - more if I'm lucky.

Two more things about Enchanting.
Prices of certain Cataclysm scrolls are finally starting to rise from their below-20g depths.
I'm waiting for the right moment to start buying the competition and reset the markets.
The second thing is that the move of the Twilight Highlands enchanting recipes to the main cities has caused a spike in people buying them with Heavenly Shards... which are being bought at an alarming rate, especially during the weekends.

Demand for pets is still up.
Suddenly, the price of certain pets is slowly rising.
Namely, the Winter Veil pets that I thought I got screwed over.
Supplies seem to have emptied for a lot of competitors that were selling them for under 100g.
I've completely stopped posting my Winter Veil pets at 600g+ that I put there to try to encourage auctioneers to post higher.
They didn't bite at all and I was stuck with a growing reputation of trying to oversell pets.
Not good.
Future sells of those pets will be done on other alts.
On the good side of things, Horde pets are still scarce on the Alliance side and demand is still high.
Moving cross-faction pets at 200% profit is working very well for me.
However, people want affordable pets.
I sold all of mine at 3K each, but someone else is having a hard time at 5K each.
And with the incoming pet achievements, I hope everyone can smell the delicious odor of incoming profits.
I'll be digging through Wowhead to figure out a rare pet run I'll start doing daily.

Last thing to mention would be that the flask market is still a steady stream of revenue.
And I sold my last Pattern: Gloves of the Greatfather that I had stockpiled.

And still no sign of the Reins of Poseidus on my AH.
I am quite determined to get it up there.
Remember: who gets to post it first gets to set the price for the next to come.

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