Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th - A big...huh ?

Apologies to the people who read that other post I wrote.

Spent the last 2 hours reading as many reviews as I could find about Duke Nukem Forever and it's not looking good.

Everyone seems to agree that the attempts at humor fail, the game is way too short (10-12 hours) and people keep listing things that happen in the game that left them uneasy and dirty from having played this game.
That right there is not something you will find in normal game reviews, and that should be a red flag for anyone who wants to purchase the game.
And it doesn't seem like the whole "Duke Nukem is misogynist, etc." argument: people are shocked that even past that there's nothing really worthwhile, where the true believers of the franchise (myself included) thought that behind the veil of what is Duke Nukem and what makes people freak out, that there would be a solid game to be found.

Take Bulletstorm for example.
The flavor of the game was what people in the media used to create a shitstorm of "controversy".
Players that weren't offended by the fact that the game rewards you when you accomplish creative kills found that behind that flavor was a solid FPS game to play.
And that's what apparently is missing from DNF and deflates everyone that was so pumped up about the game.

I'm going to play it safe, buy Alice: Madness Returns, let the dust settle on DNF for a while (and let the prices deflate too) and see what happens.

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