Friday, June 3, 2011

June 14th - A big day for gaming

...well at least for me!

Two of my favorite titles are coming back!

Both trailers are Not Safe For Work, by the way.

Duke Nukem Forever
I don't have high hopes for this title.
I just hope it's going to be entertaining.
Now I don't get on my high horses about Duke's over-the-top ultra-macho character or the over-publicized schoolgirl-looking twins sharing a kiss.
Social critics have been whining about it and are trying to bring it to the public space so it can be beaten over and over like the dead horse it is.
(Seriously, people ? We're talking about Development Hell Duke Nukem here.)

For me, Duke Nukem Forever is all about nostalgia.
It's hearing Jon St. John's awesome voice again, shotgun blasts, monsters rushing to get me, and of course fighting a huge frigging monster the size of a football field.

Quick note: If you're using TeamSpeak 3 and you like Duke, here's a Jon St. John voicepack you can add.

Alice: Madness Returns
I have high hopes for this game.
And by the gameplay videos and trailers I've seen, I won't be dissapointed.
The original Alice game was a landmark for me, with an original story and incredible esthetics.
Now it looks like they've brought the game to another level five other levels.
American McGee is a known perfectionist and it has always paid off.

If the WoW posts become rare after June 14th, you've been warned.

Oh I've also seen a trailer in regards to a third Serious Sam game... :)

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