Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not a Patch Speculation Post (But it's as boring)

Instead of the boring speculation/moneycrafting that has been plaguing the blogosphere for the last weeks, here's an equally boring list of things that will happen with me when 4.2 hits.
Yeah it's a list mostly for me - just throwing my thoughts up here.
  • Re-order my characters on the Character Selection screen (Fixing a long-time pet peeve)
  • Vendor the keys that are now in my bags
  • Do the Northrend Inscription Research to learn the new Shaman glyph and (try to) flood the AH with it
  • Learn the new Jewelcrafting Designs, craft the new items, stick em on the AH
  • Do the same thing with Inscription
  • Get to the Hero's Board and pick up the starter quest to get to the Hyjal/Firelands dailies - and proceed to do that with all my crafters that will get a new pattern from the unlockable vendors
Set a timer to tell me when most people will be unlocking the recipes, crafting items and posting them, so I will "prepare" the Auction House for incoming red gems, enchants and all the supplies you will need to buy from me to craft your new shinies, just in case you didn't do your homework.

(Kaliope has done the math for us : it will take 31 days of dailies to unlock your first Hyjal vendor - that would be July 28th, if my math is correct, and I'm not good at math, so check for yourself).

1 comment:

  1. Can't help feeling that 31 days of dalies is just a way for Blizz to lock their subscribers from leaving the game fir another month.

    On the other hand I've stuck around for far longer with far less so I guess I'm not one to talk.