Monday, June 6, 2011

Tradeskill cycles - Part 2 : Electric Boogaloo (Doing the Shuffles)

In Part 1 of this "Gold-making for Dummies" article, we've looked at the different components of what makes tradeskills work, from mats to finished products.
In this second part, we'll touch on the concept of shuffling.
Basically, shuffling is when you mix the different levels of tradeskills together.

Shuffling: you're doing it wrong

If you've been browsing the gold blogs, you've come across the terms "Saronite shuffle" and "Obsidium shuffle".
These are the best known examples of tradeskill cycles that are very much in use to make gold.
For the Obsidium shuffle, you gather Obsidium ore, prospect it, use the gems to make necklaces and rings, disenchant them, use the materials to sell or make enchants and sell them.
You use 3 tradeskills and come out at the end with something very different and much more profitable than the original product.
With the Saronite shuffle, you can go 2 steps further by using the Infinite Dust you get from disenchanting and make some Bolts of Imbued Frostweave that you will use to craft items.
(There's a bunch more things to be done with the Saronite Shuffle - use Wowhead and Yourhead)

As I've mentioned, these are the two much publicized/talked about shuffles.
People are now on the lookout for changes to current shuffles or the introduction of new shuffles to come, because it's such a good moneymaking scheme.

But we're talking only high-end items, here.
I have been having fun with a Thorium shuffle as well as a Copper shuffle.
It's not the most money you'll ever make, but I am filling the gap of mats for people who want to level their tradeskills.
The demand is there and I am not seeing any signs of stopping (at least on my server).

I have been using these shuffles as I've been working on the different guild crafting achievements for my guild.
You can always start your shuffling by looking on the Auction House, grabbing some low-priced ore and going to town while keeping an eye on the price of enchanting mats to make sure your investment is going to pay off.However, if you are going to cover materials for level 1 to 60 content and the prices on the Auction House are way too high, I suggest you go out and farm.
Yes, I said it.
You see - and I don't think a lot of people are aware of that - some zones are chuck-full of spawn points for ore now that the zones have been revamped.
Darkshore, that used to be Ok with the Copper spawns, is now so full of Copper ore that it doesn't know what to do with it.
Thorium ore, which used to be a pain to farm at some point, is very present in all the zones it spawns in.
Again, we're not talking big money, but it's a good starting point for someone who wants to test the waters of shuffling.

Some newbie gold-maker testing the waters of the Enchanting rods market

I like to explore the "forgotten bastions of antiquity" of tradeskills and will often find them surprisingly unoccupied.
The players that want high-end money will deal with high-end items, but you can find that the place is very crowded.
I like to think that I'm taking the opportunity that while they are wired on the newest bells and whistles, I am taking care of all the things that they have forgotten.
Does anyone really know and is everyone really aware of all that they can do with their crafting tradeskills (even if they just paid for only the trainer recipes) ?
Not likely.
At this point WoW can be confusing as its database is covering 4 games.
That's a lot of info to remember.

So now have fun with that !
Peruse Wowhead, go through your tradeskill lists, test the waters of some markets.
Go learn recipes that your crafters have not learned yet.
Try raw materials, crafted items, crafted items that are required to craft another item...
As I've said before, you have to check once in a while if there's demand in different niche markets and how much people are willing to pay for the items.
And once you know there's a demand, you're good to go !

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