Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quick Addendum Concerning Argent Tournament Dailies

Don't think I've seen a post about all this, so if this already has been posted somewhere, please tell me (link also would be appreciated).
And in case people want to say that it's old info, my whole guild didn't know about this, so I think it's still pertinent to post it so other people know of it.

Just a quick note in regards to the Argent Tournament dailies, for those who are farming them for pets to put on the Auction House. (and for rep, gold, mounts, etc...)

Get Kraken! quest: If you didn't know this, if you grouped up with someone (back in the day) and you killed a kraken, you automatically got a Kraken Tooth looted in your bags. Now you can solo it. The Identifying the Remains quest is still the same : you can only turn it in once a day, it counts as one of your 25 dailies, gives you 13g 23s and still doesn't give you a Champion's Seal.

Champion's Purse: Remember that there used to be a chance that on top of the looted 10g you could get an extra Champion's Seal from the bags ? That's still there. What has changed is that from the bags you get an extra one 100% of the time on top of that. So that's 4 more guaranteed seals per day.

Considering that all those dailies are still super easy - all of them combined take maximum 30 mins to do - they are considered to be not a waste of time for me.
So that makes it 1 guaranteed pet per week to put on the AH for over 1500g. (2 pets if you do the TOC 5-man)
And there's plenty of Saronite ore and Titanium ore to mine.
And plenty of Frostweave cloth to loot from mobs.
And a few rares that are just waiting to get killed.
Yeah I still love Icecrown.

PS: For the achievement whores: remember that the gold that is looted from the Champion's Purses and rare mobs are the easiest way to help you bump up your Got My Mind on My Money achievements - unless you are able to solo instances whose gold looted amounts to more than this, in which case disregard this.

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