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Setting Goals and Making Gold with Guild Achievements - Part One

Warning: This isn't extraordinary. This isn't a new gold-making technique. This isn't aimed at making more profit than you currently are making. This is simply a way to spin your gold-making into something more goal-oriented.

I hope you've read the warning.
If not, do it now.

Okay let's start.

The gold-making community has set the commonly accepted gold-making landmarks: 214k, 250k, 500k, 1 mil, 2 mil.
These are the goals that you are probably trying to reach if you consider gold-making as a serious hobby.
They may seem far away from your actual situation and that's when you need to get to work.
You need to find tricks, techniques, tips on how to max out your gold and start moving towards those goals.
You find your information, you play the game and you look at your results.

Now this can be fairly easy for some: establishing a daily/weekly routine and keep at it until you get the desired amount.
Unfortunately, the game that we are playing isn't simply "click and repeat" until you're done (much like the Obsidian shuffle used to be).
The markets keep moving, competition comes and goes, Blizzard throws a few items and wrenches in your path : it can be hard to stay focused and to keep a steady cash flow.

That's why it's good to have some easy-to-get objectives that you can reach every week or month.

You could simply set yourself a goal of a certain amount of gold to be made per week or per day.
One of my friends has set herself the goal of making 1000 gold per day - all of that gold to be put aside in her alt guild bank, so when a desirable item will pop up in the Auction House she'll be able to buy it.
A couple of weeks later she's still at it and very much impressed that she's still got her routine going and has a lot of gold put to the side.

Having more ambitious goals and still needing to have small landmarks to reach on my way up, I went a different way.
Enter the Guild Achievements.

I have also my own reasons to want to work on them: mainly to help my friends (I've covered that in this post), secondly to keep the Raiders in my guild from even considering to use the argument that 'Social members don't do anything for this guild'.
Not just achievements - they got glyphs, they got a few feasts, they got hundreds of Cataclysm flasks for their personal use and to make cauldrons - all free of charge. (50% of my stock of flasks - the rest I sold)
But the main and most important part is that the Achievements come with trackers.
I can see the numbers go up and they are not at all dependent on Buyer behavior.
At some point, I don't even have to worry about the gold that I will get in the end.
And I didn't!
I collected the gold from the sales but I was really thinking about was what's next in the list of things to do.

Okay let's get to it.

Guild Achievements

For the sake of keeping this simple, we'll assume that a guild is starting from scratch at Level 1 with brand new members.

Dust, Dust and more Dust!

The main pickle is the Disenchanting Achievement.
That one takes a looooong time to complete.
It's not 25,000 dusts and essences and shards gathered from disenchanting - it's 25,000 items disenchanted.
Items that are Bind-on-Pickup should be disenchanted if not needed.
Otherwise, Uncommon(Green) items should be lined up for disenchanting.
Rare and Epic items could potentially also follow the same road, but that's a question of Auction House worth.

My main sources of Green items: crafted items from farmed materials, the occasional drop when farming, but mostly the Auction House.
I set myself a price threshold of 50s per item.
If the Buyout was 50s and lower, I'd buy it.
If the Buyout was higher, I'd Bid.
I would check the Auction House when I would log on and it would be the last thing I would do before I would log off.
With that way and threshold, I would disenchant about 1000 items per week.
And then I would sell all the dusts, essences and shards back on the Auction House (some lowbie shards I would destroy because no one buys those).

Then I compared the money I made from selling all that with the money I've spent on the items.
I made enough profit that I raised my threshold to 1g per item and that doubled my total items per week to 2000.

Tip #1: At the Auction House, set Rarity to Uncommon and order by Buyout. You need only to check the Weapons and Armor sections.

Tip #2: Auctioneer's Enchantrix helps a ton if you want to maximize your gold - it tells you what an item has a chance to be disenchanted into and it's worth.
Also, Auctioneer has a nifty Recommendation at the bottom of the item's tooltip that will tell you if you should Disenchant, Auction or Convert the items - check it out if you want more money but it will slow the process down a bit (and remember to do an AH scan before you start anything else).

Tip #3: Some people have mentioned this before, notably concerning the Greater Eternal Essence market. Look at the prices of essences, find the range of item levels it can come from, then look at items that are posted for less than what the essences are going for.
Buy them, disenchant, post them, profit.
Personally, I find this rather finicky and didn't bother doing that.
I went with volume rather than return-on-investment.

Tip #4: Anything you find that can be used in crafting : use it in crafting.
Happen to kill a few lowbie mobs that give you a few Linen Cloth ?
Send it to your tailor, craft a green, disenchant it.
There's some Copper Ore in your way ?
Mine it, send it to your jewelcrafter, craft a green, disenchant it.
Believe me: all the little amounts of random crafting items all add up when it comes to this achievement.
Also, loot everything.

Tip #5: Doing all of this is not only an advantage to you, but it's also nurturing for your server.
Breevok covered this brilliantly.
People that level tradeskills will love you long time.
I even got 'love' letters for buying their items because they had just started playing the game a few days ago with 0c in their pockets.
Yeah, they do exist.
And they are also looking for cheap enchanting mats - so consider not selling all of your Strange Dust at 40g per stack...
  Made from real Dream Dust!

Dinner Party teamed up with That's A Lot of Bait

First, let's get something straight.
Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast is better than Recipe: Broiled Dragon Feast.
If you cannot make it, there are other individual cooking foods that give you the 90 stat buff that are quite easy to farm.
Aiming for the Dragon Feast is a waste of time (you'll get that achievement in time anyways), people want the Seafood Feast, which is the reward of the That's A Lot Of Bait achievement.

So how do you farm 10,000 fish and make a profit?

You could farm the fish required for the feast and sell it all on the AH.
You could farm the fish required for the feast and stockpile it all until you have the recipe, then make the feasts and get the feast achievement with time.
You could farm some Fathom Eel (very much in demand on the AH) from Tol Barad and also hit the spawns of Shipwreck Debris for Sealed Crates which contain some interesting rewards.

Is it too crowded when you try to find fish pools ?
Are you in a rush to get Dinner Party done ?
Do you have some leftover cooking materials from Northrend ?

You have other options : Small Feast, Gigantic Feast, Great Feast and Fish Feast.
You could either go to Northrend and farm the mats (the fishing achievement only requires you to hit the fish pools), sell them on the AH and even bark about them (hey I did get lucky a few times - be creative).
The other tiny advantage these feasts have over the Seafood and Dragon Feasts is that they are not Bind-on-Pickup, so you could cook them and load the AH for people who want a quick guild achievement or twink Wrath guilds.

A real manly feast from the guys at Epic Meal Time

That's it for today!
Part Two covers Mining, Jewelcrafting, Herbalism, Alchemy and Inscription.

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