Thursday, July 28, 2011

Setting Goals and Making Gold with Guild Achievements - Part Two

Part One covered Disenchanting, Fishing and Cooking.
Today we're dealing with a lot of other tradeskills.

Gemcrafter Extraordinaire teamed up with Mighty Miners

Mining is easy. Pimpin' ain't.
The question is what to mine.
You could go find a zone that has a lot of close ore sites or quickly respawning ones and climb your way up to 100,000, then sell the ore.
But it's best if you use that ore for something a bit more profitable.

The Jewelcrafting achievement is really easy nowadays. (Before Patch 4.0.6, it used to be 25,000 instead of 2,500).
It will count any gems that are Rare or Epic, regardless of the expansion in which the gems were introduced.

List of Rare gems
List of Epic gems (No, no Cataclysm Epic gems as of right now)

The only thing you have to do is cut them.
That's it.
What you do with those cut gems is up to you : selling straight to vendor is a good option, but if you are mindful of what type of gems and cuts are in demand, you will make some easy profit on the AH.

The Brilliant Glass, Icy Prism, Fire Prism jewelcrafting transmutes are good ways to turn the green gems you prospect from your ore into blue gems.
Got some leftover green gems ?
Either sell them on the AH or try to make some jewelry out of it that you can send to your disenchanter (to help out with that achievement).

My favorite ores to farm are Saronite ore and Titanium ore.
There's so much profit that you can make out of shuffling them.
Besides - and you should check your own server for prices - Fel Iron ore, Adamantite ore and Khorium ore are worth tons more in raw form on the AH because barely anyone farms Burning Crusade content anymore. (Stacks of Fel Iron ore are going for 80-140g on my server...)

You could also buy gems straight from the AH and cut them.
But at this time in the game you will rarely find people selling their uncut gems for less than their cut or uncut vendor worth.
It's still a way to get a few gold of profit if you are lucky to find those catches, but it would be more profitable to simply flip those gems.

Other sources of gems:
Mining the Ancient Gem Veins in The Battle of Mount Hyjal instance will have a 14-17% chance to drop some rare BC gems.
Onyxia in her Lair drops an Ashen Sack of Gems which contains a few Epic Wrath gems.

I'd hit the AH with that

Better Leveling Through Chemistry teamed up with The Pen is Mightier and Bushels and Bushels

This is fairly straightforward but time-consuming.
The Alchemy achievement post-Patch 4.0.6 will count only Cataclysm flasks created (Cauldrons don't count).

What will most likely happen will be that you will find yourself with more herbs than you need to create your flasks and you will be farming for the Volatile Life required in your creation of flasks.
The extra herbs can be sent to your scribe so he can start milling and creating glyphs.

What you do with your flasks is up to you - sell them at the AH, sell them to your guild, keep a stock for your own personal use for your main and alts for the whole expansion...
Same thing applies to the glyphs.
Except that the glyph market is a tad problematic: it has a lot of undercutters, it is getting more and more crowded, so it requires the right tools, a good amount of patience and a good amount of playtime spent at the AH cancelling and reposting.
There's a bunch of existing posts by gold-makers about this specific situation/issue/problem and their suggestions on how to deal with that.
I have heard people talk of selling "Glyph Packs" for all classes, either on Trade or in guilds, which sounds like a more interesting and bother-free way to liquidate your stock.

Tip #1: It is recommended to use an Elixir Master Alchemist to make flasks, because extra flask procs count for the achievement.

Tip #2: You could farm non-Cataclysm herbs to make your glyphs, but I would not recommend doing that as a main source of herbs. You'll need the Volatile Life in the future, especially if you have 1 or more Transmutation Master Alchemists or if you want to simply sell it on the AH.

Tip #3: If you mill Cataclysm herbs, you'll end up with a lot of Inferno Ink. Plenty of things you can make with that. If you add that extra Volatile Life, you can craft some Darkmoon Cards (sell the Cards or the Decks).

Tip #4: To make things more interesting when farming the herbs, select locations and routes where you will be sure to encounter things that can bring you extra items. Rare mobs (like Poseidus), mining nodes, fishing pools, etc. There's no set "best" route to farm, especially if other people are farming at the same time as well.
Worgen Alchemist - Get It ?!

That's it for today!
Part Three will be ending this epic nonsense with Archeology, Skinning/Leatherworking, Master Crafter and overall gold-making with guild achievements.

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