Saturday, July 30, 2011

Setting Goals and Making Gold with Guild Achievements - Part Three

Part Two covered Mining, Jewelcrafting, Herbalism, Alchemy and Inscription.
Today, we're ending this nonsense.

Making History
A project is whenever you put some Fragments together to create an item, but the achievement will not count duplicates.
At the time of writing this (Patch 4.2), a single player can complete 139 projects.
Keep an eye on this link if ever there are future changes.
You can either get a few guildies to work on leveling their skill or you can level up the skill on some of your alts.
There is only one way to get this achievement done and make money : sell the Keystones.
Either go farm them yourself or flip them on the AH.
I wrote a post on how Archeology works and how to make money with it.
Just remember this: there will be some people who will try to get Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds and the Recipe: Vial of the Sands, so there will be a demand for Keystones.

Skinnin' For A Livin'
Really, what can be said about this achievement ? You skin, you win.
Again, it's what you do with which skins that will dictate the money you will make.

Honestly, I don't know how to make this part interesting : I am currently starting to work on this achievement myself and I am researching all possible options, so I'll guesstimate.

Tol Barad, The Widow's Clutch in the Firelands, the zone east of Kirthaven, the Pale Roost in Deepholm, Sethria's Roost in Hyjal (if you haven't unlocked the Molten Front quests on your skinner), the Obsidian Forest in Twilight Highlands (especially if you can still access the Blackout quest) : these are awesome places to farm Savage Leather and Blackened Dragonscales.

What seems like the best options to make money with leatherworking is to craft Cataclysm PvP and high-end gear, as well as leg armors and mining bags.
Best to check your own realm prices to gauge where you should invest your leather and scales.

Master Crafter
If you are a gold-maker and are crafting high-end gear, you are already working on this and really there's nothing new for me to add, but let's set the info straight.
There is no simple way, no shortcut to take to boost this achievement : you craft items, you sell them.
As of Patch 4.2, there are 65 items that fall into that category.
Fun fact : all the Archeology Epic items also count.
Not fun fact : for most of the items, you will require Chaos Orbs or Living Embers, which means farming Heroic dungeons, the Firelands raids or the AH (if you have the cash for it)
The only exceptions to that rule are the Alchemists' Stones, but they require 50x Volatile Life each, are Bind-on-Pickup and cannot be disenchanted.
However - and I may be wrong about this, feel free to correct me - it looks like the Belt of Nefarious Whispers is the cheapest/easiest one to make (that would depend on the price of Volatile Life on your server, but you would not get any return on investment with the Alchemists' Stones).

Sell your services
Quoth the Joker: "If you're good at something, never do it for free."
Offer guilds to work on their achievements for a price.
Heck, you can try that with your own guild!
You can ask for gold, to split what you are crafting (flasks, glyphs, etc.) as compensation, use your imagination!
Put a message out on Trade, write on your realm forum on the Blizzard site...
Gotta warn you: a big majority of players have a deep burning hatred for fishing, so you will probably be asked to go for that to help them get their Seafood Feast Recipe.

That's it I'm done
So there you have it : no secret techniques to make more gold - just a bit of help to use the guild achievement system to focus your gold-making and use it to your advantage.
I'm not advocating it as a "best way to make gold" or "this is absolutely awesome, you should all do this".
It's just a thing I've been working on to help out my guild and to get these annoying achievements out of the way in my neverending list of things to do in the game.
Heck, it may turn out that I've been doing all of this for nothing : who knows what direction Blizzard will take with the system ? (I got burned with the Jewelcrafting achievement before they changed the requirements)
It's a system, I'm having fun with it, I'm making gold with it - this is just me letting you know what I've been up to.

I need a sandwich.

Khalior is a gold-making draenei that writes a lot of nonsense.
Sometimes he wonders if the Naaru might have forgotten him.

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