Friday, August 5, 2011

Status: Chilling, Yet Working... (Not A Diablo III Post)

This sounds more like a diary entry more than anything else, so... you know... I'm chilling...

/sip margarita
Oh yeah...

After a long time working on it, checking the AH for low-cost greens like a nervous tick, the guild finally got through the Disenchanting achievement this week.
A wave of satisfaction is currently overwhelming me in the last couple of days and it's goooooooooooooood......
It was a really crazy idea of mine to work on those achievements, but hey I wanted objectives, so that's what I got.
I am getting myself ready to jump on the Skinning achievement, but a week of relaxing and enjoying summer is what the doctor is ordering.
Another reason to celebrate : that stockpile of 1500+ glyphs I had is almost gone.
This morning I was down to 15 and the competition was still being ferocious as ever.

Man, that also took a while.
I am not going back into glyphs unless Blizzard decides to raise the achievement cap or releases a slew of new ones - and even then I'd think twice before delving into that.
Good luck to those who make glyphs their main source of income: your dedication, your time spent spying on your competition, cancelling auctions and reposting, really shows a complete and total engagement to the craft of Inscription.
Also, you're probably a robot and you're most likely not truly enjoying World of Warcraft.
Glyphers, I salute you.
Shine on you crazy diamond-coated sons of bitches!

In other news, things have been moving slowly as the summer lull is hitting everyone.
That and Dailies Lull as well.
Some people are tired of running their dailies and others have simply dissapeared.
Yep, lack of new content is making people log off of WoW, but I'm not surprised of the situation nor am I worried like the many vocal minorities on the Blizzard forums that are chanting yet-yet-yet-yet-yet again that it's the death of the game.

I am happy about that.
That's when the end-game things aren't being run on the server and people are looking back at the other things in-game: previous raids, previous dungeons, achievements that are still incomplete, reputations that still need to be grinded/acquired, etc...
My stockpile of not-high-end items is suddenly worth something and I'm emptying most of my alt guild bank tabs (I'm down to 1 full tab out of 5).

Pets are still selling - I see people buying pets in bulk, including the Argent Tournament pets (still worth doing).
In my last days of buying low-level greens and selling enchanting mats, I've noticed that quite a lot of people are leveling new professions.
So ores, "old" gems, dusts, essences are selling for much more than they're used to.
In these few days where I've been chatting with my friends, laying back and working on completing my archeology achievements, and picking up every type of ore that's in my way.
It takes two seconds to mine them up and it's good pocket money if it doesn't go for much on your server.

Also, if you keep your eyes peeled, you easily can spot a load of rare mobs that will give you a quick green item to sell.

Also, it's time to take a more in-depth look at the Auction House.
A load of players aren't online, so it will be frequent that Sellers are not meeting any Buyers, so they lower their prices more and more...
Time to stockpile items on sale!

But apart from that, I'm running my usual schedule and keeping an eye on the news.

And all that Diablo III talk has made me want to remember exactly how that game was, so I reloaded the original game yesterday... Wow that's an old game. But... it's till good!
I think I'll go through the game then try out Diablo II to see what that fuss was all about.
I've also got a Starcraft II and a FPS itch to scratch (aka need to kill lots of things), so maybe I'll bust out the ol' Doom 3 or Unreal Tournament 2004 during the weekend...

Have fun everyone!

/sip more margarita...

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  1. I'm neither a robot nor participate in the cancel/undercut cycle, and am making reasonable profits (about 3k profit/posting cycle).

    The trick? Get out of bed earlier and post in the morning before going to work, and post on both horde & alliance AH's; 12 hour posts; 3-4 days/week (one can only get up early so many days in a week)

    If I couldn't do that, to make gold out of glyph sales, I would sit on 48 hour very deep undercut, wall of glyph (aiming for 5-10g profit), and sit on that for 6-8 weeks to drive out competition.