Thursday, August 11, 2011

Status: Hiatus

Instead of wasting time and energy, I've decided to skip my initial reaction of denial and just accept the fact when my friends are telling me "You've been playing too much WoW".

I am very much sure that it's in part their reaction to the fact that I am still being quite excited at the prospect of (finally) advancing my character in the game, while they - along with the rest of the entire population of  WoW, it seems - have completed all the cool/fun stuff and have nothing left to do but bang their heads on the walls of Firelands bosses.

But I don't mind.
This last week, I've been posting my 48 hour auctions and at least doing my JC daily, then moving on to all the other stuff I've been putting aside these last few years.
Replaying Diablo is oddly fun (even with the bag space issues and the deliciously corny voice acting), and slowly detoxing from the non-stop auctioneering (especially after the DE and Glyph mania rushes) is doing a lot of good to me.
So, yeah, my friends were right.

So I'm going into temporary hiatus for a little while.
See you in a few weeks!

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