Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Was Up Above It

I had to take a vacation.
So I stopped reading all WoW information.
I posted my 48-hour auctions every Friday after coming back from work and would only check on them the following Friday.
I logged during the weekends when my friends wanted to go on runs of old content or when they needed my help in Firelands when technical problems kept a bunch of raiders off of the internet.
When I wasn't needed, I stayed away.

I took care of my Screenshot folder whose content had not been labelled or classified for the last 3 years.
I cleaned up my apartment, got rid of a lot of CDs, DVDs and books that were not necessary to hold on to and that were overflowing from my already-full bookcases and other Ikean furniture.
I threw away a lot of old clothes that were decaying in life and age.

I took time to breathe a little bit more.

I made a list of all the things that I need to take care of in my life: buy new shoes, a new wardrobe, new foods and lean proteins, buy duct tape, etc.
I... did not take care of all the things in that list.
Out with the Old... counting my pennies before I let the New in.

There's so much crap out there - I need to be careful before I suddenly impulse-buy anything.

I played some of my old games: UT2004, Doom 3, Diablo.
Warmed up again at a bit of Starcraft II, discovered the brilliance of Portal, got sucked in on a couple of Facebook games (that I need to quit playing soon).

Read the Thrall book again.
Read Lestat the Vampire again (yep, still awesome).
Read Wolfheart.

Quicker than I realized, a month had passed.
And I was ready to come back to WoW.
I have a whole new Azeroth to quest in.
I have to get to my goal of 1 Mil gold.
These are the 2 things I have to complete by the end of Cataclysm's cycle.

I'm the kind of guy that has to complete a game he's paid for.
When a game's bought by me, I'm the kind that will play the heck out of it, the bonus content, the achievements, totally a sucker for what the marketers call the ''replay value''.
I don't buy a lot of games, but when I do, I milk them for all they're worth. (Except for you, ultra-bugged-on-PC-only Alice: Madness Returns. *stares angrily*)

So I decide to catch up on all the information I missed.
For a week, I read all the sites, all the blog posts, listen to all the podcasts (okay I didn't think that they would add up to a few days of running time - I mean geez, I consume a lot more information than I think I do!).
At the same time, the 4.3 floodgates open.
Dungeon info and lore speculation abounds: I read and listen to it all.
So much stuff, getting me really excited at the thought of coming back regularly to the game.

And as much as I like this game for being a game and the lore for being a story that is almost quite literally evolving before our eyes, there is something that can keep me from enjoying my time playing this game.
It's the neighing and braying of the farm animals, of the children wanting new toys, of the people with an incredible amount of low self-esteem that constantly require new forms of rewards in order to make them feel valued, special, warranted.
It's the cries of ''outrage'' from ''paying customers'' that feel that Blizzard developers should have to obey to every single player's desires, ever since they started to act on feedback from a client.
Thank crap for wowcrendor for bringing some levity to the community

It's the people that say ''a lot of people think'' when a thread with 20 like-minded people makes them feel justified to start a crusade to change a game mechanic. (Yes, it is ridiculous.)
It's guys who use words like ''terrible'', ''debacle'', ''horrible'', ''failed experiment''; they say ''worst ever''; they talk in extremes and never consider any kind of middle ground; they talk about how they love the overall game but are totally disgusted and feel cheated when it comes to qualify the Cataclysm expansion (and the Blizzard employees are horrible people too).
And while they do have a handful of valid points to their complaints, I think that their opinions about those valid points have been spun and accepted by a great number of naysayers and have grown into monstrous lies that now pass for unquestionable truths.
Impatience does not help either, only making the angry people angrier as minutes and seconds are ticking away and they keep pointing out to everyone that things aren't getting any better, only getting worse, because Blizzard does not remedy right this instant what ails them.

Now, mind you, all this existed before I took my WoW vacation.
I heard the echo of complaints but I didn't really give a hoot because I always chose to take the high road and not give in to internet nerdrage.
But that week of compressed info and reactions to the info has presented me with a dose of Pure Nerdrage.

And I cannot help but compare it to the lore of the game itself.
That while the Old Gods are corrupting everything and turning all their minions onto the rest of Azeroth on a mission to bring chaos and destruction, our characters remain uncorrupted, pure, sane.
And it seems to me like the Old Gods did manage however to corrupt some of the player base, turning them against the Blizzard Titans, threatening to destroy the balance of the world while being whispered lies and illusions about how the world would be so much better if they ran the game instead of Blizzard.
It feels like some people are spinning around and around with their ideas, stewing and drowning in a vat of their own boiling hot cynicism.

And I cannot keep myself from reacting to it.
And I can do it in only a very naive but honest way - you know, like a true Draenei or Canadian.

So here goes...


You can only wish so much about how you would like a certain situation to work to your advantage.
I don't like to sit around and waste my life coming up with 'what ifs' about my past and where I would be today and what would happen to others and how things would be different.
I learn from my experiences and I move on.
I play with the cards I've been dealt.
I'll see if I can manage to make the game work for me in the future and see if I can get a better hand next time, but I won't spend my current time with the cards still in my hand and be unwilling to play them until I'm sure to win.
There's other things to do, other experiences to live, better things to worry about.

I want to come back to the game because I like the game.
But now I see and feel the stink of corruption spreading over the familiar places that I used to go to in the Warcraft universe and it worries me.
It spreads from Trade chat, to the forums, to the info sites, to the blogs, to the podcasts, to my eyes and ears, to my brain.
This is me being cautious and calling out my enemy by its' name so I know what it looks like if it ever tries to take me.
Because if the game stops being fun for me, I won't stand in front of my screen night after night, playing the game and hating every second of it.
When the game ever stops to be a game, I'll quit and that'll be the end of it.

Rain, rain, go away - Come again some other day...

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