Sunday, October 9, 2011

Status: Back in the saddle on a deranged horse and tying up loose ends

Sorry if this post looks like a jumbled mess of random thoughts - that's because it is.

Okay, now we're accustomed to the game again, remembering the old routine and going through all the previous blog posts and TUJ updates and figuring out what's happening with the game in general.
Last time I posted the amount of gold I had, it was 500k and I took my break when I was around 525-530k.
So now we're continuing on from... 680k ?
How did that happen?

Well I did mention that I was logging on to post items on Fridays for the weekend crowd and the big spenders looking for special deals.
I did make money off of the random things I put there.
Put I still had an auction Ace up my sleeve that managed to sell while I was gone: Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops.
Yep, I had managed to snatch one for 5k during Wrath and I've put it in my bank for safekeeping.
My server has a bunch of greedy people but not a lot of big spenders, so prices generally tend to be lower than the majority of American servers (usually from 10% to 25% on high-priced/luxury items).
So I managed to get 75k for it when people would buy it for close to 100k on other servers.
Looking from the point of view of my server's economy, I got myself a pretty good deal for that item.

Unfortunately, I got rid of a lot of items during those weekends, so my guild bank was suddenly down to 1 1/2 tabs of items and nothing to give me a boost back in the AH game.
So farming time it is!
Nothing like some good ol' PvE ransacking of resources to fill back the bank.
Of course, I'm looking out for a few special things to sorta be ready for 4.3, such as:

-Transmogrification items
-Heartblossom (or just anything to make Inferno Rubies)

Going through all my toons' banks and assessing their general situation, I realize I have quite an extensive 'To Do' list.

-Must finish Cataclysm questing on all my toons to get the extra gold... and yes to help out the guild with the questing achievement... I know, I have a problem.
-Getting the rogue to 85 to open the damn 20 lockboxes I have stored somewhere (he's been sitting at 82 for months and sticking out like a sore thumb in my character list)
-Must craft those new bags for my main because I'm full of crap - yes I know we've got Void Storage coming, but I do long farming sessions that are unfortunately interrupted because of bag space issues
-Because I'm some kind of maniac, I want to hunt down most of the recipes my crafters don't have (save from rep grinding) and at the same time see if I can stock up on a few of them to throw in the AH
-Get Kirin Tor ring (less than 6k) on my warlock because he'll be needing to move from now on
-Need to get a portable vendor on my DK because it's annoying - 20K on the Mammoth or a few weeks of Argent Tournament dailies? Hmm.
-Still farming Anzu and the Time-Lost figurine from Terokk...

...and this is why I'm not anywhere near reaching some of the goals I set myself in this game.

On another note, I've been looking more carefully at the activity on my Auction House and have been noticing that most of the usual competition is not online at all.
Scrambling left and right, I've been trying to gather what they usually sell to fill in the gaps (mostly vendor recipes, a territory that had been filled by so many people that I didn't want to spend my time fighting them), which only makes me feel like I'm running around like a headless chicken.
So my advice for the Summer Lull still applies to this day: try to find empty markets for some chance at extra pocket money.

On the same subject, here's a random thought: You know what's been terribly absent from my Auction House ? Battered Hilts. Someone should do something about that. *stares at his DK farmer*

And I would like to take the time to mention that finally winning a Fishing Tournament is really satisfying, in the sense that I won't ever have to do it ever again.

Hopes to be less random next time.

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  1. I'm collecting mounts so I have already laid out the 16k for the mammoth with the vendors. I got really lucky this weekend & got the Raven Lord & the White Hawkstrider drop so now my girlie is stuck in Eastern Plaguelands for the Baron's mount. I just pop out of the instance & sell all the junk to my portable vendor but I don't have engineering so I still have to pop back to Light's Hope to mail the good stuff out :(

    Argent Tournament dailies is also on my list - I never did many of them but after the Molten Front Dailes, these seem even more tedious for some reason - good money & ofc, frostweave so not all bad :P

    Funnily enough, someone was asking for a Battered Hilt in trade on my server the other day - hadn't seen any mention of it for ages. Must be one of those 'k, what next?' things I guess. Gratz on the Fishing win & it's good to see you back :)