Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ever been spoiled by the Devil in the pale Darkmoon light ? (Updated)

Darkmoon Despoiler is the name, and money is it's thang.

You have to turn in those 9 items to their respective quest givers.
You can collect 5 of them while running dungeons and 3 of them while going into battlegrounds.
The ninth one (Soothsayer's Runes) is not clear exactly where you get it from - people suspect it's from archeology - but we're going to find out soon, I'm sure.
EDIT: It's now confirmed it drops from level 85 raid bosses.

The most important detail about this is you need to have your Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in your bags while you're running dungeons and battlegrounds.
This enables you to pick up the items as you're looting bodies.

These are the items:
(Yeah it's copy/pasted from a Wowhead comment)

What's the big deal with this ?

  1. The items can be put in the Auction House.
  2. These items are new. People don't know about them, don't know what they do. The prices are up for grabs at the moment.
  3. These are items needed to complete an achievement. And because the achievements don't explain much of how they can be completed, people will be willing to buy from the Auction House directly and not ask questions.
  4. Turning in the quest items gives Darkmoon Faire rep. 250 rep a pop. People that did not have Darkmoon Faire rep in their sights will start considering maxing their rep because of all the new quests they've been doing in this new revamped place. And if ever they've heard of the Insane In The Membrane achievement and title, they might go for it now. It's written ''AH longevity'' all over this.
  5. Turning in the items also give 16g and 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. There's mounts and pets and all sorts of things that people can buy with those Tickets.
  6. These quest items are 'monthlies'. As in : you can turn each one of them in once a month - and then next month you can do it again. Someone can be stockpiling them or putting them on the AH in the meantime.
  7. Tip: If you're going to be running around on your alts, make sure they have the Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in their bags so they can pick up the items too!
I'll edit this if I ever come across new info, but that's it!
Right now I'm seeing some of the items go from 1k to 12k gold each...
But this is the beginning of the patch and I don't expect them to stay that high, but who knows what will happen once prices stabilize!

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