Thursday, May 26, 2011

There's a Thing About Archeology...

As I was writing in my last post, there's been some misinformation going on about what Archeology is, how it works, and how it apparently sucks.
Ever since we got Cataclysm, there isn't a week where I don't see someone in Trade asking about how it works, and even the people who seem to know how it works don't even know the half of it.
However, I've listened today to a (very good) podcast where the hosts were explaining that they didn't need to know everything about it to be able to make money off of it.
While that is indeed true, it gives me the added opportunity to shake my WoW Veteran Walking Stick® at the youngins who don't do their homework. (Just kidding guys : your show is awesome!)

Let's get to it, shall we ?

There are two ways currently to make money with Archeology.
You can get the Vial of the Sands recipe on an alchemist and craft and sell the Vial of the Sands mount, of course.
If you didn't know that by now, you haven't been paying attention to the game you're playing.
The second way to make gold is to sell Keystones.

This is not the Keystone you are looking for...

You don't know what they're used for ?
See, in Archeology you go around digging the digsites to collect Fragments to make the items.
You need a certain number of Fragments to create the items.
The specific number varies depending of the quality of the item that you are gathering Fragments for.
Keystones are something extra that you have a chance to loot as something extra as you're picking up Fragments.
Keystones are worth 12 fragments each.

Here's a list of all Archeology items that you can create.
There's a column for Fragments and one for Keystones.
You can notice that not all items have a slot for a Keystone.
As you move higher in the number of Fragments required, you notice that the number of Keystones goes up to 2, and then 3 for Rare and Epic items.
The in-game Archeology UI will show slots at the bottom of the item and you can stick those Keystones in to give a boost to your item completion.

This Grail Tablet could use a Keystone right there

Now I don't want to bore you with all this stuff, but keep following because this part is also important.
People want to get stuff done.
People are impatient in-game.
People don't like flying around to all those dig sites.
People don't want to hit just one more digsite that will give them about 12 Fragments.
They'd rather get a Keystone and be done with it.
Some people will see a slot for a Keystone and will automatically look for one to put in.
They don't have to - in fact it's generally recommended to hold on to your Keystones until you get an Epic item in the works or an item that has 2 slots.
But people will buy the Keystones.
Keystones = Time-savers.

Now this can be out of laziness (it generally is - my opinion) or sometimes in outright frustration at the Archeology system.
More specifically the RNG in Archeology that will randomly choose what's going to be the next item you're going to be working on for which race.
The RNG that will determine which digsites on the continent will be the next ones available for you.
Ask anyone who's done Archeology and tried to get Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds or the Vial of the Sands recipe or any Tol'vir artifact.
Patient people will sometimes be tested with the Archeology system and will throw their hands up and yell "That's it! I give up!", and then go to the Auction House to buy a few Keystones to ease their pain and complete some items to make the RNG slot machine go faster and get it to generate their lucky number.

-Blizzard's plan to turn kids into mindless diggers
-RNG is the heart of the problem
-That's one way of easing the pain...

And then you will be there.
You'll be the smart person who's had a lot of patience, because any good gold-maker knows the value of patience.
You've been going through the digsites on your main or an alt when you had nothing to do and you've been keeping all your Keystones.
And you will be handing them out to people.
For a price.

LEGO that Keystone!

Oh and I almost forgot.
Keystones are also used in Cataclysm dungeons.
At the beginning of the dungeons, there will be an altar, a tablet, a thingy that will seem to be giving a daily quest.
Only high-level archeology characters will be able to see the exclamation marks in the dungeons.
If one person of the party turns in a Keystone, the whole group gets a special buff that lasts throughout the completion of the dungeon.
Sometimes it's extra damage, or extra speed...
The buffs are tailored by Blizzard to fit the dungeon, and it can give an edge to a party.
Not anything critically important for the dungeon, but some people might be interested to turn in some Keystones for that reason.

For a gold-maker, Keystones are like little solid gold bars.
Plonk 'em in the AH - you might have to repost a few times - and many a time you'll find that you're the only one selling a certain type.
Check The Undermine Journal to see how far people are willing to go and set your price.
That's the fun of this market - you can set YOUR price, because no one is going to go through all this time and all this flying to make gold.
Doing that has been deemed "not profitable" by the GoldPerHour-rabid crowd in this Cataclysm era of Auction House-based farming.
The only ones you are likely to see on the AH are from people that are leveling the profession, if they are not using the keystones.
I don't think I've heard so far of anyone who's gone through digsites just to sell the Keystones.

Maybe it's because you have to get past the rats...

Another fun thing is that there will always be a demand.
Archeology is still in the backlog of a lot of players - just something they'll only work on when there's nothing left to do.
I can bet you that there's going to be a lot more competition in the last lap months before the next expansion, because that's what people do during that time: they go through their checklist of things they haven't got around to do during that expansion, in order to leave it behind when the next one comes.

But then again, keep in mind that we don't know about Blizzard's plans on what they're going to do with this profession.
It's brand-new.
It's still just only seeing the light of day.
Like all things from Blizzard, it will mutate and evolve.
We know we have dailies to expect in a future patch, but we don't know if or how they are going to change the profession.
Are they going to make the dailies work around the profession or are they going to change the way the profession works with how the dailies are working ?

So should you get on board with this ?
My answer: I'd say yes, but with a warning.
Right now the sky's the limit because Offer is limited and Demand is there, but it's not steady enough to guarantee a non-stop stream of revenue.
You can be sure that some of the current buyers will be hardcore completionists.
But what if Blizzard gives a reason to get even the stupidest of casual players to start working on Archeology, and they start picking up Keystones and then begin the downward spiral of undercutting until the AH profits are dead ?
If that's a possible scenario, I'd rather get that Keystone money right now.

Being a lore buff, I really like Archeology and I am interested to see what they'll do with it.
As a gold-maker, I like it so far. (Cha-ching!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Status: RL Main Time

No big post from me last week, I know...
I've been busy writing a new "Gold-making for dummies" post and it's taking a lot more time than I expected.
I want to make sure the post is precise and concise - and it has not been, so I've been re-writing the post twice now.
Also, RL has slightly taken over: birthdays, illnesses and lots and lots of sun.

Not a lot of WoW time this week, but that doesn't mean I'm not selling anything.
Prices of pets are still rising!
Those who have been endlessly complaining on Trade about people such as myself "ripping people off with inflated prices" have been putting their own pets up for higher and higher prices.
Heck - someone bought a Horde Argent Tournament pet for 8K!
I've reactivated my 2nd account and transferred a slew of Horde items to my Alliance bank and I am waiting for the right time to start trickling down all those items.
I've also been flipping some of the different raptor hatchlings in the Neutral Auction House.

Patch 4.2 is coming soon and those pet achievements are starting to get known.
People have started to farm for some rare pets.
I would like to think that none of the Wrath babies or Cataclysm newborns or just any of the ADD-addled "kids" don't have the guts or patience of an ol' "get out and farm for 3 hours in a row" veteran, but there are some exceptions who have an open mind, understand how the game works and adapt.
Just a word of warning, friends...
I've even seen a couple of Disgusting Ooseling making their appearance on the AH...

I've started to delve into the crafted leather pvp gear, which has been selling rather well (as well as help me get through the last few points of max Leatherworking).
My new favorite pastime in-game ?
Tol Barad.
I have the Wintergrasper Advanced addon (which causes a few tiny lag issues when games start, but I don't mind, as long as the time is accurate) that tells me when it's time to queue for Tol Barad and Wintergrasp.
Queue up for TB, win it, jump on my Leatherworker and run like crazy in the swamp to skin as many dead crocolisk corpses as possible.
Yes, there's competition, but I'm hard-headed and stubborn about staking my claim as "temporary owner of these farming grounds".
I don't waste a second on chatting, I jump from corpse to corpse relentlessly and I don't give an inch to other farmers.
(Of course, if the person is literally sitting on a pile of dead crocs while fighting another one, I don't touch them, because I may be competitive but I'm not a bag of douche.)
Oh, and I'm farming on my Frost Dark Paladin Death Knight who has 2/2 On A Pale Horse.
Just a little speed boosting detail.

So yes to Tol Barad : my one and only supply of Pristine Hide for 4.2.
There's plenty of people farming their Tol Barad tokens for their mounts and pets to help keep me supplied.

Emerald Crown of Destruction, anyone ?
Leveling casters want some of that.
Sapphire Signets ?
Yeah leveling characters want those too.
Stacks of Thorium Bars ?
If I don't flood the Auction House, they'll move.
The Blasted Lands run and Thorium Ore shuffle are still alive and kicking.

Too many people aggressively undercutting each other over cut Inferno Rubies ?
I sell them raw.
Yeah I know I might be losing a 20g profit *max* by doing that.
I'd rather have a raw Inferno Ruby selling now than having to cancel and repost for two nights in a row.
Again, that's just me.

Finally the price of herbs has finally dropped to what it is on other servers and flask prices have followed through, stopping the big flow of income I had coming from those.

I've also been keeping an eye on those enchanting scrolls that a ton of enchanters have made/are still making to get through their Cataclysm leveling.
Some of the prices are still dirt cheap and still not worth getting into or stockpiling for future profits.
However, the prices of some "rarer" enchants (read: the enchants that the flock hasn't used to level) are high and soaring.
Enchant Bracer - Greater Expertise and Enchant Cloak - Protection are my best sellers right now at respectively 450g and 250g, with practically no competition (which I find weird).
I could go higher, but my server is very susceptible to price gouging, and right now I'm more into getting rid of my stockpile than getting the best price I could get.

To finish with a bang, I've been working these last 2 weeks on completing Archeology on my main so I can move over to my alchemist and try to get the Vial of the Sands recipe.
I've been selling a few Nerubian Obelisks and Troll Tablets and they were quickly bought.
Since I don't care as much about completion on my alchemist as I am just trying to level him up to Tol'vir digsites, I'll be selling all the keystones I come across.

Hmm, now that I think about it, I realize that there's probably not a lot of people who will have understood what I just wrote, as Archeology has been branded as a "waste of time" and "boring" and "stupid" by the trolls community.
That's going to be my next post, I guess.
It's quick and easy to write and I could use some off time from that other post I've been trying to write...
*pops another Tylenol*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Status: Hitting Alt Time

It's been 2 weeks solid that prices have steadied in certain markets on my server, so it's time to take a look at what's been happening (on my server).

You know what it feels like ?
We're back to Alt Time in-game.
Alt Time is a phase of time in WoW when people log on their mains only to run their required Heroics (made easy by 4.1) and their scheduled raids - and the rest of their time is spent on alts.
Cities feel a little bit more empty than usual and interest towards leveling items and tradeskill recipes and mats is going up.

The big rush of Cataclysm blues is done now.
That seems to be very very clear because sales and prices of those 79-85 blues having been steadily dropping and can't be sold over 1K (PvE items, not PvP - don't know what's happening on the PvP end of sales and I have no interest or time for it until 4.2 arrives).
I'm thinking that mostly all level 80 alts have all been leveled and geared for level 85.
The only people that will be buying that gear will be the ones that are reaching level 80 with the alts they've leveled when we got the Shattering patch (and stopped when they hit 60-70) or the new characters that have been created from scratch since we got Cataclysm.
So things seem to be back to what normal gear progression used to be like.
The only slots that are still selling for a considerable amount and don't seem to fluctuate much are weapon, off-hand and relic.
(I don't deal with epics either, so I don't know what's happening there)

Blues coming from the Blasted Lands rare run are selling well too.
And the Thorium Ore that I'm collecting from that run is helping to cover demand for rings and necklaces of that range of levels, as well as some of the demand for the materials as well (it's a bit crowded, but I can get in with the right timing).

On my crusade to help the guild achievement for disenchanting items, I've been having a surprising positive effect on the markets of low-level greens and selling enchanting mats.
Suppliers of low-level greens are now posting more and more frequently and they know they have a buyer (if they post under 51s per item) - so I can spend a lot of time every night disenchanting my finger prints away.
In return, I post all the mats I get right back in the AH and settle prices for certain dusts and essences that are either too high or too low.
The only exception to that rule is Infinite Dust, which sells at a steady 90g per stack.
But that's because I'm keeping the Saronite shuffle alive.

I'm still doing the JC daily in Dalaran because the Dragon's Eye are going for 150-200g depending on the days.
Also, I have a few stacks of Frozen Orbs I have left, so I'm going through the new no-cooldown Icy Prisms and selling the raw blue gems.

I'm taking this occasion to do some Northrend archeology at the same time.
So as I'm flying around, I mine every node I come across.
Saronite Ore is propected : green gems help with the daily and the Icy Prisms, the rest gets turned into jewelry that I disenchant and post the Infinite Dust.
The Cobalt Ore is posted for 40g per stack - more if I'm lucky.

Two more things about Enchanting.
Prices of certain Cataclysm scrolls are finally starting to rise from their below-20g depths.
I'm waiting for the right moment to start buying the competition and reset the markets.
The second thing is that the move of the Twilight Highlands enchanting recipes to the main cities has caused a spike in people buying them with Heavenly Shards... which are being bought at an alarming rate, especially during the weekends.

Demand for pets is still up.
Suddenly, the price of certain pets is slowly rising.
Namely, the Winter Veil pets that I thought I got screwed over.
Supplies seem to have emptied for a lot of competitors that were selling them for under 100g.
I've completely stopped posting my Winter Veil pets at 600g+ that I put there to try to encourage auctioneers to post higher.
They didn't bite at all and I was stuck with a growing reputation of trying to oversell pets.
Not good.
Future sells of those pets will be done on other alts.
On the good side of things, Horde pets are still scarce on the Alliance side and demand is still high.
Moving cross-faction pets at 200% profit is working very well for me.
However, people want affordable pets.
I sold all of mine at 3K each, but someone else is having a hard time at 5K each.
And with the incoming pet achievements, I hope everyone can smell the delicious odor of incoming profits.
I'll be digging through Wowhead to figure out a rare pet run I'll start doing daily.

Last thing to mention would be that the flask market is still a steady stream of revenue.
And I sold my last Pattern: Gloves of the Greatfather that I had stockpiled.

And still no sign of the Reins of Poseidus on my AH.
I am quite determined to get it up there.
Remember: who gets to post it first gets to set the price for the next to come.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've been on the receiving end of a lot of hate mail recently.
How my blog sucks.
How I write poorly.
How I've been stealing people's posts and re-wording them.
3 people in particular (don't know if it's the same person sending from 3 different email addresses - if that's true, it's certainly lame) have been very insisting that I do demeaning things to myself.

Okay let's state a few facts.

When I started this blog, it was only for my friends and myself.
I am sorta gold-making savvy in my little circle of friends and they insisted that I start something to write down all the tips I came up with.
I didn't want to spam the guild forums, so I naturally turned to blogging, as that's what gold-making people were doing.
Plus, it was a challenge for me - learning what blogs are about, how they function, and it was as well an outlet and motivation for me to write stuff on a daily basis (has to do with my background, which I will not be posting here).

With Blogger came 2 advantages I did not have before : being able to write not-anonymous comments on other people's blogs and having my very own blogroll (instead of having to use other people's or having lots of opened tabs on my browser).

Now I know that people are probably adding me to their blogrolls for the same reason : they like what they are reading and they want to keep being updated on my posts.
Only very recently I have discovered the Stats tab of Blogger with the number of hits and all that stuff.
I mean I was very much surprised when people started commenting on my blog - heck I didn't think other people but my friends were reading what I wrote here.
I've been appreciative for the handful of constructive comments I've received. :)

Other thing: I am a very busy person.
I didn't and don't have the time to take the time to read all the previous and current posts that everybody in the gold-making community write.
So yes there might be some repetition of facts that people have stated previously.
I mean there's been a handful of posts about what mats to start collecting for Patch 4.2 and they're all pretty much saying the same thing, each with their own take on how to approach the situation.
Duplication will happen.

I don't willingly copy people's material and repackage it as my own.
That's incredibly lame.
I have absolutely no advantage to take from doing such a thing.
No fame, no traffic, no ad money to make from this.
I do read what people write - I don't go back in archived posts and read everything, is all.
Apparently, that's bad or something.

Just think of this big post as a big Disclaimer that says that I will post what I want. (Kinda like what Alto's posted recently)
If it's re-hashed stuff you've already read, it happens.
If someone has written a better post than I have, by all means please link it, point me in the right direction - heck I might even learn a few tricks myself.
But to accuse me of being a thief - nope that doesn't stick to me, that's not my M.O..

I've had my share of dealing with internet hate about 14-15 years ago in the days of IRC.
I have not the time, the energy, the interest to deal with any incoming wave of hate towards this pastime of mine.
I don't want to become a staple of the WoW gold-making community and I don't think I'm The Shit when it comes to gold-making.
I've said before that I'm actually very much half-assing on gold-making in-game right now, so that should be all anyone should need to know about the level of concern they should have towards this blog.

Okay I think that's it.
Nope, I'm not quitting blogging.
Those who have been reading me - you're all still welcome.
I'm giving everyone the chance to know that even though haters gonna hate and be in my face about it, I'm just going to change sidewalks and still be on my merry way.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

4.2 - Get on it NOW

(Disclaimer: This info is as of the current PTR info from May 5th. If anything changes after that, I'll try to update this post. Key word is "try".)

Crafters :
  • get your Dreamcloth cooldowns rolling
  • farm (or exchange) your Pristine Hides
  • get your Volatile Fire and Water
  • smelt your Hardened Elementium Bars
  • stock up on Truegold
  • farm your Heroics and stockpile your Chaos Orbs

I would like to link all the reasons why, but you should just go straight to the Wowhead PTR site and browse through all the items to get what I mean.
But I'll break it down for you so you don't have to wonder why.

Volatiles are STILL going to be all the rage - maybe even go higher in price than they are at right now.
Pro Tip: in the Firelands quest hub, my little pinkie is telling me that people are going to be picking up a lot of Volatile Fire, so don't be an idiot and expect to make tons of gold on that.
Think of it as you're being prepared before the incoming wave of available Volatile Fire.
Also, if you want to stop the Fire market to plummet, you should already start to keep an eye on it, flip low Volatiles, keep the price high and continue to do so when the Patch arrives on Live.

Raw Elementium ores will still be popular, either to post or flip, because you need 10 bars to make a Hardened Elementium Bar (and 4 Volatile Earth).

It also looks like the new JC PvP rings and necklaces will be using all kinds of blue-quality gems, including Ocean Sapphire, Dream Emerald and Amberjewel (good way to get their worth rising, Blizzard!), again worth rising the prices or flipping them.

On the same note, new craftable PvP gear is going to be very very popular, methinks.
I mean, have you seen those mounts for Rated Battleground achievements ?
Rated Battlegrounds ?
I was already eyeing the title for it.
New Rated Battleground mounts ?
Hell. Yes.
Dangle that carrot, Blizzard - you got me.
They need to get rid of the guild requirement and Rated Battlegrounds will be the new Hot Thing and the boost to PvP that they've been wanting to happen.

The new gem bag will be made by tailors, and the new scribe and mining bags will be made by leatherworkers.
I'd be ready for that on Day One, if I were you.
I'm getting my last points to max out my tailor and leatherworker just for that.

Blacksmiths are getting Plans for awesome iLevel 363 weapons that a lot of casual players and alts will be buying like hotcakes - demand will be high for these items.

Lots to do, gold-makers!
Go go go!

Friday, May 6, 2011

How Fendral got where he is (Lore Tinfoil Hat)

Yes, this post isn't about gold.
I just have to share my lore rant/speculation about Fendral.

The guys at the WoW Insider Show podcast (awesome fun show - listen to eeet!) have been saying that a fire druid is something that has no precedence in WoW history.
While that statement is true, I do believe there may be a possible answer that already exists that could explain what's happened to Fendral Staghelm.

Gather 'round the fire kids, as ol' pappy Khalior tells you the story of World of Warcraft: Shaman.

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!... bah who cares - no one's read this manga but me...

A long time ago, when the War of the Three Hammers was at its peak, Sorcerer-thane Thaurissan of the Dark Irons played his last card and used all his power to call onto any being to help him in his last stand in the fight against the Wildhammers and the Bronzebeards.
Unfortunately for him, Ragnaros answered the call.
He burst forth from his elemental plane of fire into Azeroth from the Molten Core outwards and caused massive earthquakes and made the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes into the state they are in.
The quakes were felt throughout the planet - all the way into Kalimdor.

At the same time, the Earthen Ring were having an unusual debate about how best to do their job.
Should they keep asking for the elements to help them or should they order them around ?
Championing the forceful way to take power, Shotoa wanted all shaman to be more proactive in their ways.
In the middle of the debate, the quakes happened.
And as the land was ripping itself apart under their very feet, Shotoa fell and was never seen again.

Jump to a time not too long before the Shattering of Azeroth.
Thrall is a Warchief that is pondering taking a trip to Outland and Muln Earthfury is the leader of the Earthen Ring.
Yet again, the shaman were trying to figure out what's been going on with the elements, who were not listening to the shaman's pleas.
Everyone turned to Muln for answers - he told them to stick to the way of the shaman and everything will be fine.
Then, as a fire almost consumed an entire village, appears Shotoa.
Where the shaman were begging for the fire element to listen to them, Shotoa ordered the fire to die down (with a show of power that's kind of wrestling down the element, kinda).

He told the Earthen Ring that while he was deep into the planet's core, he was taken care of by the elements and communed with them like no other being ever did.
He knew everything about the elements and was telling the shaman that they need to order them around to get what they want.
Of course, that didn't go well with Muln, but seeing that Shotoa was the only one showing actual effective results to his methods, most of the Earthen Ring decided to follow Shotoa and be taught his method.

Muln ran to Thrall to consult him on what to do.
Thrall was having his own internal debate on the subject, so he couldn't help Muln with the subject, basically telling him "You're the leader of our order - find the answer yourself".
So he decided to commune with the elements and call the fifth element: Milla Jovo... no wait... Life!
The Life element showed him clues about the origins of Shotoa and what happened to him.

Meanwhile, Shotoa and the Earthen Ring were on a long pilgrimage to the deep forests of Feralas to learn their new ways.
But it turns out it was a trap.
Grimtotem taurens and Shotoa attacked the weakened Earthen Ring (their spirits were broken and couldn't call the elements as effectively as they normally would).
But before the attack turned into a slaughter, Muln Earthfury shows up and battles Shotoa.
He'd pieced it all together.
Shotoa wasn't forcing the elements because he was a very powerful shaman.
He was successful because his body was the host to one of Ragnaros' fire elementals.
He tricked the Earthen Ring into turning from their ways and he tricked the elements into ordering them around.

His treachery revealed, Shotoa unleashed his fire power and taunted Muln into ordering the elements to fight him.
Not wanting to go against his ideology, Muln found a better idea.
He called up the other elements and told them that a fire elemental was tricking them into doing his bidding.
Outraged, the other elements attacked and weakened him.
Then Muln killed Shotoa by crushing his head with a totem... (Death by totem, yep)

The Earthen Ring killed the rest of the remaining Grimtotem, burned their dead, and asked Muln to forgive them and take them back.
The end.

So being possessed by a fire elemental is totally possible and I think that may be the case with Fendral.
After the events in Stormrage, he was left weakened and in a very vulnerable state to whatever influence would want to claim him - which was the whole point why he had been brought to the Hyjal barrow dens in the first place.
And we got him out of there, derp derp !

The other possibility would be that he meant all along to become what he is now... but that would be very very lame indeed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is that gold in your pocket or are you just happy to see Patch 4.1 ?

What's this ?
People in their blogs are talking about the Chocolate Cookie achievement ?
The Cataclysmically Delicious achievement ?

Okay it's understandable that people went straight to the big money-makers instead of these small, tiny pocket change type of sales.
But I went for those because I knew that no one else would.
Yeah I did not make zillions like all the gold-makers have been reporting since the arrival of the patch, but shoot me - I didn't have the time or motivation to go full-on like most people did. (It's a game - let me enjoy it!)

The thing is: I know people on my server are actually reading the gold blogs, more specifically JMTC and Cold's Gold Factory.
Anything that these two blogs propose, I will see people do - sometimes the same day, sometimes a few days after.
If no one is on it, I'll jump in for a few hours or a 12-hour auction, and then I'll leave it because that market will be swarmed.
I keep those ideas and tips in a "To Do Later" folder and I'll browse it when a few months have passed.
People will have left the market wide open and I'll be able to "own" it for a little while, until someone notices that things have picked up (and will "ruin" the market for me).

That's my style : Hit-and-run auctioneering.
Don't want people to remember my name for items that sit there for weeks and don't sell.
Don't want people thinking I'm sitting on a specific market that can make tons of gold so they can barge in with an undercutting tug-of-war.

I can't remember who wrote as a tip to not read or follow what gold blogs recommend to do, but that's what I kiiiinda do.
I take a lot of info into consideration.
So while people were talking about ores and dumping maelstrom crystals and whatnot, I concentrated on all the other things that were either time consuming or just felt left out.

The Cookies sold great. The Cocoa Beans too.
I managed to sneak in a last batch during the weekend before it was completely taken over by AH newbies. (Prices go up and down - no consistence - ends in undercutting wars)

Cataclysmically Delicious ?
Yeah anybody that's kept some of their food can cook it up and shove it on the AH.
Anybody can run to the vendors too.
However, I bet you did not know about Oily Giblets, Rock-Hard Biscuit, Unidentifiable Meat Dish, Vile Purple Fungus.
Only sold by two Twilight's Hammer vendors during the period of questing when your character is infiltrating the Cult.
Oh yeah, these are constant sellers.

I also sold a bunch of Wrath feast mats and Fish Feasts, barking about the new guild achievement that is now quick and easy to reach. (I didn't mention that all the mat costs add up to a few thousands of gold, but I don't want to discourage people, do I ?)
With any luck, your server will have Wrath feasts mats be cheaper to buy than the Cataclysm feast mats, so there's a window of opportunity that someone can take advantage of before a competitor realizes that he can dump his stockpile of Wrath fish in your alley. (That sounded like a metaphor for something really nasty, but I'm too tired to make any sense out of it, so I'll just leave that there for you to figure out...)

Pets sold very well.
NO Horde pets on Alliance side! None!
Unfortunately, the prices are now too high on Horde side for me to buy, transfer, sell and be sure that I will make a decent profit.
I jump on my hordie every day to do a few Tournament dailies - it'll pay off in the end !
The bad thing I did with pets ?
I did not expect so many people to have kept so many Red and Green Helper Boxes.
Even when I started to buy the low competition, they posted more and more, so I got screwed... for now.
Let them sell their whole stock - I'll be taking care of my stockpile in a few months.

The buzz about Jewelcrafting ?
I threw my hands up and said Fuck It.
Too many people in it and a lot of them are babysitting the AH.
Same thing with glyphs.
Not worth my time right now - it goes in the Later folder.

I've been farming Poseidus almost obsessively.
I was the first one back in the water when the server came back up and now I have a run of all his spawn points.
I haven't seen him so far and TUJ tells me no one has even thought of posting the mount.
Still a chance to make bank with this - I'm not giving up.
The good part about looking for him is that I've also mapped my route to also follow herb spawns.
I grab a bunch of cheap Whiptail and make Flasks of the Winds.
I grab a bunch of cheap Heartblossom and make Flasks of Flowing Water.
Put a third of them in my bank, a third in the guild bank, a third on the AH.
My alchemist is Elixir specced ("Flask specced" if you're a Wrath Baby) and the procs have been working good for me - the guild is close to 2500/3000 for the guild achievement.
The flask department has been left almost completely empty recently, so I've been making a killing with those.
When I run out of farmed Volatile Life, I send the rest of the collected herbs to my scribe.
Mills them, makes a ton of glyphs.
Glyphs are stockpiled in my alt guild bank to either help guildies or for a future hardcore venture into the glyph market.
The Inferno Ink market has also been left almost wide open since 4.1, so I've been very happy.

In other boring news, I'm still buying cheap greens, disenchanting them for the guild achievement, and selling the dusts and essences.
And since 4.1, people have been leveling their enchanting skills.
A lot.
I don't know if that's just a coincidence, because I don't see any reason for a rush of enchanters to suddenly appear. but my pockets have been happy this past week.

I've made about 30K since the patch hit us but I haven't been on very often and my weekend was very busy too, so I unfortunately did not get to take advantage of the patch as much as any gold-maker would.
But it did give me the opportunity to take a look at some of the forgotten markets that some people left wide open for the shiny new things, and I got my foot in the door just long enough to make sneaky sells before anyone would notice.

So that was my "report" on the patch.
Seems like everybody made money off of it!
I'm still waiting for Blizzard to bring in some new gold sinks.