Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Task Is Done (1 million gold)

So here I am, at the end of the line.
1,000,000 gold reached.
I'm glad I finally got that achievement done.
I had started trying to reach 250k, then once there I thought I might as well go for 500k, and then things were going so well that I said what Old Jack always says in a situation like this.
Old Jack says "What the hell", and I climbed up to a million.

Going over this is possible.
I could try for 2 million, and it wouldn't be too bad.
I'm investing much more, risking more, and my cash flow is getting bigger and bigger.
But as I've said before, this is for me, this is to prove to myself that I can do this.
Sure, I could tune my gold-making to become more effective, to see things in the light of gold-per-hour.
But that's enough.
This is much more gold than I need to play the game.
(And I'm being paranoid about gold-related activities, as well.)

Gold sinks ?
I bought almost all of them back in Wrath.
And I have no intention on buying the Vial of the Sands mount because I swore I would get that recipe on my Alchemist. (I'm stubborn with this - so much that I have TWO characters with high-level Archeology: one being my main who has to have Everything and the other one is my alchemist alt.)
I'll keep a hefty sum on myself in case the rare luxury items pop up on the AH, but apart from that there's nothing I can do with all this gold.
Except give it to people.
Which I will do, in time, and I'm pondering the ways on how to do it without getting some auto-bans (insert Kraftwerk joke here).

Gold-making has always been on my mind.
Ever since I discovered the AH back in vanilla, it's always been an option for me.
Heck - back then anything I couldn't use was posted automatically on the AH.
Back then, I didn't have a disenchanter.
I'll always be using the AH, but now it's time to stop pushing for gold and start letting the others take some space.

But mostly, it's time for me to shift my focus onto the expansion I feel I've missed.
I couldn't be a part of the general feeling of having nothing to do.
I could not share any sort of disappointment towards PvE, PvP, daily quests, raiding, etc.
I was busy gold-making and blogging and researching and reposting auctions again and again... and having fun doing it.

It's time to focus, now.
I'm back to how it was before the gold-making gears started turning: there's so much stuff to do, very little time to do it all, and it all looks bright and shiny and demands my attention now now now.
I've slowly cleared through the new vanilla questing of Kalimdor and Patch 4.3 kept me from progressing in Eastern Kingdoms.
I want to clear my Cataclysm achievements (Heroic dungeons and all).
I want to clear as many guild achievements as possible before Mists arrives, because there's a Feats of Strength tab that is eerily empty and my little finger is telling me that it might start filling up with achievements that will be unobtainable.
I want to get back to farming the Ashes of Al'ar, the Onyxian Drake, the Azure Drake, that Twilight Drake from Sartharion 25-man that I've always lost the roll on (FUUUUUU), the elusive Time-Lost Proto-Drake, and farm Poseidus, of course.
Oh and a Vicious War Steed.
Yes, a ton of PvP is not only wished but dearly needed.
I really miss being an annoyance to hordies and make them run around far away from their groups (that's MY kind of trolling).

So yeah there's no rest for the wicked.
And I'm all wickedness and stuff, baby (...or something).

PS: Before anyone asks (if anyone actually cares, lol):
- I might write something about how I got to one million gold, but I need a bit of time to have some perspective on it, and besides I've been writing about it already;
- I'm not quitting blogging or "taking a break" from it;
- No I won't do a WarcraftEcon post because my ego doesn't need more self-glorified exposure than I already have here... and on Twitter (sorry to annoy the lot of you, by the way) and...
- Did I ever tell you about the time I told my friends that I was thinking about maybe starting a podcast ? They were horrified at the idea. Best to throw shinies at me like Diablo III to keep me occupied in my little corner.

*Yes, I know there's no gold cap achievement..


  1. I recently broke the one million barrier myself, and I'm debating whether or not to do the warcraft econ thing. It was always part of the goal, but now that it's come to it, I'm not sure if I want the attention.