Monday, January 9, 2012

Patch & Timeline Speculation

Okay let's take a look at what the game will look like, if it's not already looking like this on your own server.

You have to anticipate that most guilds will have used the patch's content by the end of February.
Items will have already started a downward curb to the point where the high-end will stagnate, except for items to level professions up to 525.
From that moment on, the WoW players that will be online will have objectives that all deal with completion: leveling alts, professions, achievements, PvP, the works...
People that won't worry/care about those things will be offline.
Heck, it's even possible that a whole bunch of PvE players and raiders will take (or are already taking) a SWTOR vacation until the World Event happens.
Anyways, because not a lot of items will be moving fast, sellers might lose patience and simply dump everything on the AH for very low prices, and this will be the right time to snatch some very good deals (not necessarily to be sold right away, mind you, so make sure your items are quite rare/desired).

Now Blizzard has already announced that there will be a typical pre-expansion/World Event patch to put some changes in place, including the new talents.
We need much more info on this to be able to judge correctly what strategies to use specifically for this.
What changes will be in that patch ?

Pure speculation is found in the following paragraphs.
It's very possible that I might be completely off the mark.
In fact, I don't believe some of the stuff that I wrote, but it's just throwing theory up there.
Blizzard has been surprising us with new ideas this last year, so the doors are open for crazy wild allegations.

What won't be in the patch: monks.
So contrarily to the Cataclysm World Event, we won't be having 2 weeks of people power-leveling new characters through a revamped Azeroth - that will happen after the game launches.

What could change: glyphs, because of the new talent trees.
But will that lead to a possible glyph reset for everyone by default ?
Glyphmas II: Electric Boogaloo ?
Use your inks wisely...

Will the rewards for the fishing and cooking dailies change or will that all stay as it is - contents of the Crate of Tasty Meat as well ? (I think it will stay the same and we'll get all the new stuff in Pandaria, but I think it's still worth asking and checking when we'll get the patch.)

Will the changes to companion pets be implemented in that patch or at launch ?
I'm being cautious with my alts and not deleting or learning any new pets or mounts I come across, just to be on the safe side and see if they un-soulbind... (If that's even possible)

In the same vein, will the same thing happen to mounts ?
They said that account-wide mounts was conditional on the success of making pets account-wide.
Also, would that mean that some mounts will become BoE ?
I would expect dungeon and raids drops to remain BoP, but would the Green Proto-Drake from the Mysterious Egg become sellable ?
Would the White Polar Bear from the "blue chick daily" in Storm Peaks ?

But we know the big kerfuffle that will happen will be the official launch of the game and the World Event preceding that launch.
When these 2 will drop, Cataclysm stockpiles will be dumped in the AH by tons of players that will be reactivating/relogging, as they realize their toons, banks, guild banks are filled with items that are no longer current.
Gold-makers will of course be all over this and try to make the most of it.

What I'm trying to say (I realize as I am typing this), is that there is some predictability that we can already make some safe assumptions on.
But there is a great deal we don't know yet.
Most of it will start being uncovered once the Mists Beta opens.
When it does, keep an eye on the gold bloggers and tweeters for quick tips and suggestions on what to do with your items.

Two-month lull starts now
Now if my predictions are right, we'll get Diablo III towards the end of February/beginning of March and the Mists Beta at any time after that.
So unless Blizzard drops some preemptive Mists info bomb or apply a market-changing hotfix, we won't be getting any major gold-making info until then.

And until that happens or something really blog-worthy goes through my mind (like hitting my 1 million objective), I don't think you'll be hearing from this blog for a while.

Remember to make the most out of your play time and remember to play other games, because there's a lotta WoW on the horizon - even if it's shrouded by this crazy heavy mist, for some reason...


  1. The "supposed" release date for D3 is February the 1, but not confirmed yet, and I will keep playing the must WOW I can possible can. =)

  2. Cool, I still didn't have him on twit, so this just leave more time to play wow now.