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Market Observations April 2012

Probably as crazy as this guy

Yep, I'm still alive and still slaving away at this "missed" expansion to catch up on as many things as possible.

While most people are talking about what to stockpile for the expansion, I'm looking at tendencies that are currently happening in-game, as well as what I'm touching on these days.

So now that the Beta is in function, it means the final game is coming soon in the next few months, so people are already wrapping up this expansion.
What does that entail?
It means finishing everything they haven't had the time to do.
And what is that?

Anything achievement-related is in full-on focus.

Reputation items are rising up in worth.
Someone even posted on our realm forum to request items to help with the Aldor/Scryer Feat of Strength.
I answered it by posting all I had at a very decent price (for me, that is).

People that didn't have them already are working on getting all the Legendaries they can get.
I see plenty of Trade requests for raid groups - with Shadowfrost Shards, Bindings of the Windseeker, etc. reserved, of course.
So keep an eye on any Blood of the Mountain and Sulfuron Ingot to flip.
Also, that means that a lot of mats and BoEs and Recipes will find their way to the AH - ready for you to use to a better purpose or to simply flip.

Also, Primordial Saronites have been very good to flip.
People are still running Icecrown for different reasons and post their Saronites for a few gold (I pick them up under 100g each).
You can use the Saronites for different uses: recipes, gear (to craft or transmute), and the Shadowmourne Legendary chain.
On my server I find that the general threshold is 300g per Primordial Saronite.

Glory of the Hero is also something I've seen requested a lot in Trade.
People are running Wrath Heroics and they get Frozen Orbs at the end, which they dump in the AH at a very low price.
I buy them and go see our friend Frozo in Dalaran, convert the Orbs into Eternals, and post those for profit. (The Steam-Powered Auctioneer is inside the building just beside him, so you can check the prices.)

Running them through dungeons, gearing them, getting them into LFR.

I'm selling Cataclysm 78-81 greens and loving every second of it.
Any green that starts at 150g and sells is... just lovely.

I've been working on the guild crafting achievement because I'm practically the only one working on it. (About to reach 200/500 - woot, kinda!)
Okay so I've done it wrong in my order of prioritizing my alts and their crafting and I am paying for it now.
I could've done like everybody and started crafting since the beginning of the expansion, but I wasn't feeling okay at all with investing a good deal of gold to craft an item and bank of the chance of it selling.
Now that I've reached a million, I feel quite different about it.
However, since I am quite late in the game, the items are not flying off the shelves, with the cost of crafted PvP items being much less than epic PvE gear.
I'll probably stockpile the excess and keep posting some of them throughout the next expansion.

Hey, do you have a Tailor that can make Dreamcloth?
I've been doing my cloth transmutes every week and have been crafting the 2 belts that cost only 4x Dreamcloth and they've been bought within 24 hours of posting every single time.
For a 800-1000g profit, that's really easy money.

Leveling all the professions they've left aside or working on some they have never tried before.

After I've reached my one million mark, I've been acting like a rockstar, spending my gold left and right and indulging in one of my favorite pastimes: buying crafting recipes for my alts.
The recent increase in old dungeon visits from the masses has made some ancient BoE recipes reappear on the AH and I've been paying excessive amounts of gold to get them all.
We all know that AoE looting will make tons more appear later in Mists, but I can't wait for that to happen, because I'm impatient in that field. (It's highly illogical of me, and I can't explain it.)

It wasn't enough for Ghostcrawler to announce the possibility of having an Account Achievement for having all professions maxed out, now that we know there are going to be bonuses and 4 different specs for Cooking, as well as the Jeweled Panther Mount coming from Jewelcrafting, so people seem to be leveling professions a ton more.
I'd suggest consulting WarcraftProfesional to see what people will be after and what's low in stock on your server for immediate suggestions on what to farm for.
Here's a few things off the top of my head to make gold out of Jewelcrafting levelers:
  • flip Damaged Necklaces (barking once in a blue moon about them can prod sales), 
  • Mercurial Adamantite is something you can make sure is stocked in the AH at all times, 
  • some recipes are found on vendors and you can make a decent amount of gold from them, and
  • go pick up your monthly gems from the Consortium in Nagrand !
Hey if you're in Outland, there's 3 vendors you can go buy Handful of Fel Iron Bolts from, as well as Adamantite Frames, and one of the vendors sells a much-coveted Khorium Power Core.
I can never keep enough up on the AH!

One last profession I want to mention is Archaeology.
It's on a lot of people's Cataclysm bucket lists - mine included.
You might want to hold on to the Keystones you pick up because discovering artifacts gives XP and some people will remember that at the beginning of Mists.
I still wonder if we will be able to keep 200 fragments for each race when we hit the expansion, so we'll be able to get XP right at the start (along with the 25 dailies we'll have saved).
If my theory holds up, people will want those Keystones stockpiled as XP boosts in the last weeks before the expansion (or as soon as the info is confirmed by a CM).
Hey even if my theory doesn't hold up, you can already start checking Keystone markets and start raising prices already as people are working on finishing Archaeology right now....

Oh and have you been doing your Dalaran fishing daily?
That Fishing Bag can contain a Waterlogged Recipe that gives gold, XP and 5x Cooking tokens.
My crystal ball tells me this will be in very high demand in Mists.
It's already going for 500g on my server and will only go up from now on.

Because everyone wants to be a beautiful and unique snowflake.

Things are not looking good on my server, so I'm catering to the people who are keeping the prices high by pricing my items not too low, but just low enough for them to buy from me and flip to their prices.
It's quick money and I don't want to dwell in that market as I have already enough on my hands.

...Okay, hold up, hold up, I gotta get this off my chest.
Transmog is fun and it was a cool concept of a market to define and I had a ton of fun figuring out how it could be used.
But now that lists were made with pricing, and then those lists were available to import into TSM, there is little left to do with it to make gold.
Everyone with the knowledge to set up TSM and import a list can work with it automatically and assume they're going to make money out of it.
The whole process of appreciating the artwork and finding sets and gauging prices has totally ripped (what I consider) the soul of what transmogrification is.
What killed it for me was witnessing a whole bunch of gold-makers imitating a successful one, saying "Hey if it works for him!...".
The scene of Springfield being littered with bars selling Flaming Moes after discovering the secret ingredient springs to mind.

/end rant

Keep an eye on the pet markets or keep working on them.
Prices of some are rising, vendor ones sometimes could use a little artificial boost (who knows? maybe other gold-makers will follow your lead...), crafted ones could either be stockpiled or sold right now, maybe checking the companions page regularly on the Undermine Journal could direct you to some good sales.

Not much else to report other than to remind you to expect that the AH will be virtually empty in the weeks following the May 15th release of Diablo III, so get some sales done before that date finally arrives!

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