Monday, July 9, 2012

Omens: Raid Finder, May-June Auctions, Pandaria

While I'm both enjoying the summer and dealing with all different sorts and types of pressures, I do manage to sell a few things on the AH.
Even though I'm going through this "I'm gonna quit gold-making" thing, I still have to keep some cash flow happening until I'm done with some guild achievements.

The one I'm working practically solo on is the crafting achievement.
I found it a tad odd that people would still be buying the 359 epics this late in the game, but they are, and at a steady pace. (The healing plate eventually sells, but I had to keep a Paladin's faith that someone would buy them.)
The main reason being Raid Finder.

The Raid Finder Issue
People buy the epics to boost their iLevel to get into Hour of Twilight Heroics and grab a few other pieces to get into Raid Finder as quickly as possible.
And people are doing that for all their alts right now.
Tons and tons of alts in Raid Finder with blue gear and no gems or enchants.
I can understand the decision: why spend a bunch of gold to reforge and gem and enchant gear that might possibly be changed by a better piece that might drop at any moment now?
Unfortunately, the side-effects are that you have undergeared people everywhere.

I got first-hand experience of that during the last 3 weekends where DPS checks such as Ultraxion and Madness of Deathwing turned out to be experiments in patience and frustration.
For the first time, I witnessed bosses reaching their Enraged phase.
For the first time this weekend, I haven't finished my weekly Raid Finder on some of my alts (which I gear and enchant properly, mind you).

From now on, we can expect that type of phase to happen in the future of the game.
Especially because Raid Finder difficulty will be integrated into every future raid.
Remember that.

But that doesn't keep me from cranking out the epics left and right - and I've reached the landmark of 300 of 500 crafted epics.
I'm trying as much as possible to put 2 of each at a time on the AH but mats prices are the barrier sometimes.
There are days where I can't find any Heavy Savage Leather to convert into Pristine Hides, no Truegold for less than 500g a bar, no Chaos Orbs for less than 100g.
That slows down my production quite a lot.
I'm trying as much as possible to make a profit out of them, but I'm also happy if I break even with the cost of mats and the AH cut.
I've also got my Guild Master to hand me over some of the Essences of Destruction that were rotting in the Guild Bank to craft a few sets of epic bracers and share the profits.
And, surprisingly again, some people are still willing to pay 5-7k for high-end craftable epics this late in the game.

Hey, I'm not complaining as an auctioneer.
But as someone that just wants to get through Raid Finder, this is frustrating to no end.

Meanwhile, I've been taking advantage of the lack of auctioneers to throw more items than ever on the AH.
I took a wild gamble with the Green, Blue, Purple Ribboned Wrapping Papers from Winter's Veil and posted them at 50g each.
A day later, someone had bought 15 of them. That was a surprise.

Also, I've been throwing all sorts of cooking meats and fishes and sometimes buying all of the competition, resetting the price, and watching the money come in.
Bear Flanks from bears in Winterspring works incredibly well for me.
Doing the cooking daily in Shattrath also gives you meat and fish that can be easily thrown on the AH.
Fish sells more on my server, probably because quests will inevitably get people to kill beasts that drop meat, and there are now ways to level fishing without ever stepping into Outland, so there is an added rarity to them for people who try to power-level their cooking skill.
But you can also just use the AH to manipulate prices to your advantage.
I usually don't stay too long in control of a specific item and move on to another one because some people are quick to notice drastic price hikes, move in and cockblock until all their stock is gone.
These auctioneers overdo it sometimes.
Hey sometimes they drop control of a market specifically because there is no competition!

I keep selling White Kittens - thanks to NPCscan.
I managed to sell 2 of my 3 Mechanical Chickens I've farmed and stockpiled - all at 12k a pop.

I keep prices for all of the Rare quality pets at a steady price and I don't budge, however low the undercutting festival goes.
Take Elementium Geodes for example: people undercut each other at around 200-300g and I keep mine up at 900g.
Well, believe it or not, sometimes all the competition's auctions expire and mine is the only one still up there and sometimes people buy from me.
The next day the undercutting festival is still happening and my sale went under everyone's radar.
That happens for practically all of the pets I post.
Some people feel Mists of Pandaria coming soon, so they're willing to sell everything at the lowest price possible in order to make a profit, ANY profit before some items drop in value.
Different perspectives for different people.

I've sold 2 Haunted Mementos for 10k each.
I've bought a ton of Frozen Orbs a few months ago at 10g each and I've been buying Eternals in Dalaran to sell them at 60g each - mostly successful with Air and Fire (I'm trying to raise prices of all Eternals, but some people insist they're worth 20g each... /sigh).
I've also been running a lot of BS dungeons for transmog and quests completed achievement, so a lot of greens with good stats have been finding their way onto the AH, along with tons and tons of Netherweave Cloth.
Depending of the day and competition, I can get the cloth to sell at 40-50g per stack, but I sell usually at 10g per stack.
(Yeah, yeah, I know Netherweave Bags, etc., but that market has enough steady competition and I don't want to get stuck with a stock of bags that don't sell.)
Also, since I've been doing quests at all levels in the game, I've been picking up a stream of items to dump on the AH and everything's been selling quite steadily.
I see a lot of alts running around.
I'm just providing items to boost and fill the gaps.

Some very smart people have been steadily raising the price of the Waterlogged Recipes since Blizzcon, from 300g up to 900g, and I'm expecting them to go even higher when Pandaria hits.
I've now started to contribute to the effort with a couple of posts and I've been checking for the 2 easy fishing quests in Dalaran regularly to get a few more.

Stockpiling for Pandaria ?
I'm not really stockpiling for Pandaria.
I simply end up with bits and pieces left and right of items for crafting and leveling that are not very hot on the AH right now, so I stick them in my alt Guild Bank and wait.
Everyone's asking which items should they stockpile.
My answer is: anything you would need now to level anything up to Cataclysm levels, you should stockpile, especially anything to level professions.

The pickle is always how to gauge the current expansion items and how they will fare, not only in the transitional period of one expansion to the next, but also in the future of the game after that.
Because once the current expansion is in the past - unless Blizzard makes changes to crafting - everything stays pretty solid.
You can look at BC and Wrath crafting and the items required are set in stone.
You can determine which items will be in demand, which will be rarer than others, which will give you the best return on investment.
You can do this by yourself - no need for a professional gold-maker to help you plan ahead.

But what about Pandaria mats?
Well, right now most gold-makers are taking bets on everything.
Will Chaos Orbs be worth stockpiling?
What about Embersilk Cloth?
What about the different ores?
What about green gems?
What about Archaeology Keystones?
Go look at the info, research what the items are used for, guesstimate.

I could go through the whole lists, but as I'm trying not to stockpile for Pandaria, I'll let someone else do that instead. ^_^

Now if we could have a release date anytime soon, I'd be quite happy.

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