Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Patch of Chaos

This will be a patch of chaos and confusion, where Trade and Guild chats will be full of questions about what's changed, what hasn't changed, what will change once Mists launches.

The Auction House
Imagine a catastrophic event.
Think of how people react after the event has happened.
There's usually 3 types of reaction.
  • Some people will panic and do rash things.
  • Some people will be under the shock of what's happened and will move slowly and cautiously.
  • Some people will be in a catatonic state, will do nothing, stand in place and watch the rest of the events unfold until they feel safe enough to return to normal.
Same kinds of actions happen in the game after every patch, but especially after pre-launch patches.
You can learn from this, use caution, and manage to make some gold out of this without falling into the traps of ultra-risky investments.

The Auction House is at its' most uncertain in these times, for both buyers and sellers.
Prices will skyrocket and plummet on a whim, but you can have the advantage on all of this because you get to decide the price that items will go for.
It may not stick for very long, and other auctioneers may not follow your bluff, but if a buyer manages to believe the new worth of the item, you may be incredibly lucky.
It's a sequence of events that happen in your day-to-day auctioneering, but compressed in a short amount of time.
Depending on how you react and how the rest of the server reacts, you may strike several gold mines or end up with lumps of coal (which go straight to vendor).

As you can tell, all of this is not unexpected.

I'm here to help... somewhat.

I can't tell you the prices that items will go for, but I can help you make sure that the patch transition goes as smoothly as possible.

I've covered this already and I'll be repeating myself, but this time I'll do it more extensively.
So it's kinda like version 2.

  • Clear your cache - An important part of making sure you won't have any database conflicts. That means deleting everything that's in your WDB folder.
  • Clear your auctioneer data - "/auc cleardata ALL" I believe is the right command line, but I'm the kind that likes a full complete reset of everything. So I prefer to delete and reinstall all my addons. Speaking of which...
  • Update your addons - Curse and WoWInterface are the usual places people visit.
  • Follow gold-makers on Twitter - Link to Power Word: Gold's Gold Blogging Directory - all Twitter info is posted there for everyone - There are more wonderful and helpful people out there, but you'll have to find them. Some very helpful tips (almost) in real-time can make you some extra gold that is only available on Patch Day.

Pro-Tip #1
  • When you log on for the first time on your characters, do it without addons.
  • Then open up all your tradeskills one after the other.
  • Between each skill, give the game time to populate your tradeskill UI. Basically, it's downloading (and synching with the new expansion) all the info for your character. Everyone's doing it at once, so give it a few moments to get everything right.
  • When that's done, then you can re-log with your addons.

Doing it that way reduces the chance of problems between Blizzard's data of your character and the data being interpreted by your addons. Also, if you see something isn't working, you'll know where the issue lies.

Pro-Tip #2
Make sure to log out your character(s) in a city other than Stormwind or Orgrimmar.
You'll reduce your lag, you'll reduce everyone else's lag.
Remember that when you log on, not only does it load the data for your toon and the world around it, but also everyone else's toons, including all their armor, their glows and enchants.
On a patch day, that can take a toll on your game and your dainty patience.

Pro-Tip #3
AOE looting is in the patch.
Expect people to run dungeons until Pandaria launches.
Lots of dungeons.
Be aware that a lot of people will dump in the AH all the stuff they loot.
Prices will vary, be careful.
Also, people might come to the conclusion that their bags become really full really fast.
So they might need bigger bags. (**HINT**)

Other info
Here's the official Patch info from Blizzard (may need an update once it's live)

WoW Insider wrote a more reader-friendly list of What's In and What's Out

Lore reminder
Between now and the release of the expansion, take the time to check out the Rogue Legendary quest chain videos that Blizzard has created. Wrathion has an important role to play in Pandaria, so here's everything you need to know about him and where he comes from.

PS: Do you have any other tips to share for patch preparations?

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