Friday, September 28, 2012

Grab bag of random tips for Pandaria

Choose how to get to level 90
As far as I can tell, you have 2 options in gold-making right now at the beginning of this expansion : get to level 90 ASAP or farm your way to level 90.

If you get to max level, you're going for gold-making by crafting items to put on the AH.
You could also make gold by selling the BoEs and mats picked up while running dungeons.
(By the way, that's the quickest way to get to max level.)

If you farm your way to level 90, you're going to have one advantage: you'll have picked up a lot of Motes of Harmony by killing mobs. That will give you a head start on crafting.

But you could argue that getting to max level and wearing max level gear will make killing mobs faster, making also gathering faster - and you have flying on top of that.

Questing ?
Unless you are a die hard fan of lore, questing can wait.
Personally, I've always reached max level first, and then I started questing, because the quest XP gets turned into 2x gold rewards.
Moar profit is teh winz.

Farming farm dailies
In your gold-making priorities, getting a farm started should be at the top.
Mainly because you can start gathering mats in advance but mostly because it's gated by dailies.
Dailies mean early birds get gold-plated worms.
It's the word, from what I've heard.
The Godmother wrote a very detailed post on how to start it and make it work.

Mist-Piercing Goggles - get a pair for the extra loots.
Lifted from the Wowhead comments:
The Mist-Piercing Goggles are more than just a name. Out in the world you will find small patches of mist scattered around, up against trees, along cliff edges etc. If you have these goggles with you, you will be able to see the herb or metal that is shrouded by the mist.
As the tooltip says, you do not need to have these equipped to see through the mist, simply having them in your bag is sufficient.
Once you know what you're looking for, you'll start to see just how many mist patches there are in the world. These will be a significant increase to gathering.

Use your server's low and peak times to your advantage.

Off time: I run around a lot.
I've reached 600 Mining in record time, only running around in the Jade Forest. A few more days like that and my Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Engineering will running full steam ahead.

Peak time: I go where people are.
There's a few spots in the Jade Forest, but the ultimate killing grounds I've encountered so far are in the Valley of the Four Winds.
There's 2 main places where it's skinning galore because of quests and fast spawning mobs, and a few little hubs here and there that are a bit unoccupied but someone can leave a whole trail of corpses to skin from (like the Silken Fields).
Just get there when the waves of players are hitting the spots and skin as quickly as you can.
After all, you're helping get rid of the corpses so more mobs spawn - they should all be thanking you!

Know how to use NPCScan
A lot of rares are around the world and you have to kill them when you can because there's a lot of people that can tag them before you do.
Best thing you can do is to have NPCScan installed.
To automatically populate NPCScan with all the Pandaria rares (and also all the old-world rares, because why not), install NPCScanEx and follow the instructions (which is just "click this button").
And to reset you rare cache every day, I wrote a little article with step by step instructions on how to make that happen with 1 click of a button.

Selling pets
You can cage and sell pets that are not wild pets.
However, remember in which circumstance you got certain pets.
Some of them cannot be gotten again and therefore their value should be skyrocketing.
It's a whole new market and prices are yet to be set in stone, so allow yourself to have fun but be sure to not be too hasty in getting rid of some rare pets that could be worth 10x what you think they're really worth!

Be careful with the AH at the beginning of the expansion with non-current items
People are impatient to make gold.
Some will flood the AH with non-Pandaria items and will either boost their prices or lower them just to get rid of them.
Use caution and good sense.
Both with the items you are posting and their auctions.
Remember: just because you used to make a profit out of certain items before doesn't mean that you will be able to do the same now.
An expansion changes the way that the game is played, both in leveling characters and professions, to crafting and gathering items.
Sometimes it's good to buy, sometimes it's good to sell, and even sometimes it's good to not do anything at all!
You be the judge - use your gold-making knowledge wisely.

Last tip: Having a friend that has a level 90 toon that can fly you around is also pretty handy to have! ^_^

That's all I got for today - remember to take the time to explore and have fun!

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