Friday, November 15, 2013

Not the Post Anyone's Expecting

I've been asked what my thoughts are on the Blizzcon announcement, especially after trumpeting my theories on the subject.

This is not the full blog post about that.

I think I sorta know what I want to address, but right now I HAVE to convey exactly what is going on with me.

After Chris Metzen's shoutout to the Alliance, I was cheering at my screen.
And then the more he talked, the more the happy feelings started fading away.
And then the cinematic happened...
And then...


Then I stared at my screen for a few moments, mumbled a few things to my friends on Teamspeak, then got a glass of water.

I sat down again and half-absently listened to the DirecTV interview.

Then listened to the Warlords panel, expecting explanations.
(I'm happy with what they said about the changes with mechanics and quality-of-life stuff.)

And then the panel ended.

And later I listened to the Lore Q&A panel.

And then that ended.

And after all of that, after all they've said, after the (*groan*) questions from the community, I went to bed.

I've felt the same ever since.

I thought that people would blog and tweet their impressions and feelings, and that they would help me figure out what was wrong with me, but none of what I've come across talked about what I feel. (except my best friend, who's voiced an opinion not similar to mine, but in the same territory)

I feel nothing.

And I think that maybe something's wrong with me.
And it's seriously disturbing me.

There's people that are ecstatic about Warlords, and there's people that have been complaining (for no good reason that couldn't be explained or dismissed).

My mind's not even on the fence - it's just not on the scale at all.

I've been writing a few thoughts and I'm making sense out of everything, but it's gonna take some time.

Maybe it's that the announcement happened in the middle of high-stress work weeks, and I'm emotionally unbalanced, frustrated about things, not getting enough sleep, and needing a few days off.
I'll figure it out.


  1. For me I'm much less interested in the "Warlords" of Warlords of Draenor and much more interested in a big scary, savage *drink* world. Think Pandora in Avatar. Everything is big and wants to eat you. That's what I'm looking forward to. Also I love the Draenei and will be happy to see more of them. I don't care at all about the orcs and will only care about then as they will provide a foil for me to kill stuff in Draenor. I'm not as much of a lore buff as you but that's what I'm looking forward to in WoD. Also I loved TBC so going back to pre-exploded Outlands sounds fun.

    1. In that respect, yep, I'm looking forward to that.

  2. Yikes, you're right I wasn't expecting that post. As we briefly discussed pre-con, there was such potential for a Draenor based story line and we got Orcs in Space. I'm looking forward to going to Draenor and seeing lots of Draenei. I understand your nothingness though, it was exactly how I felt sitting in the audience at Blizzcon when they announced Vacation Panda Island. It turned out pretty cool, so I'm not even going to stress this :)

    1. Oooh I'll be expanding on these particular points, don't worry :)