Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blizzcon 2014 Drinking Game

...because it's a tradition for me, as well as many WoW fans.
I wrote one last year, but a lot has changed since then and I want to have a little fun.
Nothing complicated or elaborate, of course.

Take a shot if during BlizzCon 2014 you hear one of the following elements:
  • how garrisons are not player housing like Blizzard "promised"
  • dance studio
  • legendaries (take 2 if someone mentions that they "promised" a warrior one)
  • unnecessary and boring shoutouts
  • strong female characters (if it's in a positive way, cheer first, then take a shot)
  • Ben Brode laugh (once is enough - don't take a shot every time you hear him laugh - you'll kill yourself)
  • 2 questions instead of one
  • 3 questions instead of one (take two shots)
  • bring back a dead character
  • when dailies are being addressed as a Bad Thing
  • racials have been changed (take a shot and shed a single tear)
  • profession bonuses are now gone (take a shot and shed a single tear from a different eye)
  • Horde favoritism
  • not enough content
  • too much content
  • Rob Pardo (take a long loud uncomfortable sip)
  • bringing Hearthstone in WoW
  • referring to Mists of Pandaria as a Bad Expansion (take a shot, then angrily yell something at your screen)
  • question about gender equality/inequality/representation (either players or characters)
  • revamping Outland
  • revamping Northrend
  • #gamergate (chug whatever you have, and if you're male, apologize to women around you)
As usual, I'll have a bottle of Fireball Whiskey handy, because fireballs, cinnamon, and it's already cold up here (Montreal) at this time of the year.
But I might swap alcohol shots for shots of chai tea, because I'm getting old and the weight loss and the healthiness and etc., etc....

BONUS: Want to get your drinks on early? During the Opening Ceremony, drink every time Chris Metzen makes a gesture with a closed fist. (Keep your bottle handy, try not to spill too much.)

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