Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pre-Legion Level 100 Character Boost: What's In It?

Got a Level 100 Character Boost on your account but don’t know what to expect? Even though Blizzard did a write-up on that ( I feel it’s missing a few details. I’ve used the boost last night (pre-Legion pre-patch) and here’s what I got. (I’m covering the Alliance side only here - sorry Horde!)

  • You log in at the front gate of your garrison.
  • You’ve learned all levels of flying but for Draenor (unless the account-wide achievement has been unlocked on your account).
  • You have in your quest log the quest chain to go to Tanaan. (The article says “Some quests and NPCs will be unavailable after a character boost until you unlock Tanaan.” but I haven’t seen anything missing yet.)

Your character has:

  • 500 gold
  • 4x 22 slot bags + The Backpack™
  • a full set of green level 640 gear
  • all previous items are waiting in the mail
  • 300 garrison resources

Your garrison is already at Level 3 and comes with:

  • 8 followers at level 90 (except for one at 91)
  • Level 2 barracks
  • Level 2 lumber mill (however, you can’t collect lumber until you’ve done the Tanaan chain)
  • Level 2 storehouse
  • Level 2 (crafting building for your character’s gear proficiency)
  • Level 1 herb garden
  • Level 1 mine
  • 1x empty Large, Medium and Small plots (Salvage Yard can be immediately built without having to do the Spires of Arak chain)

If the character you’re boosting is level 60+ and has primary professions, they’ll be boosted to 700 along with First Aid (so excluding the 3 other secondary professions - Archaeology, Cooking, Fishing). But keep in mind that all professions work differently in Draenor (you can work with all professions from Level 1 so there’s no reason to go back to level with items from previous expansions) and all have a training item that can be picked up to max the level cap to 700.

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