Saturday, October 21, 2017

Legion quick leveling tips

Leveling in the Legion expansion is not complicated as long as you keep focus on what gives you the most experience points.
You get yourself started correctly and you'll fall into a groove that's easy to follow and getting to level 110 will be done in no time.
So here's a bunch of tips!
  • When you get to your class hall, your first dilemma is choosing your questing zones.
    Pick Azsuna and Val'sharrah first and foremost.
    They are the shortest zones, you move a lot, and unlocking the Tear of Elune in Val'sharrah is a requirement for a quest chain at level 110 (text) and to unlock an artifact appearance.
    After that, you can pick Highmountain or Stormheim at your leisure.
  • Towards the end of each questing zone you'll pick up the breadcrumb quest to send you into a 5-man dungeon of the area. That quest gives you a ginormous amount of experience, so queue for it as soon as you get it.
  • Once you complete enough of your order hall chain, Khadgar gives you the A Falling Star quest chain – do it. It unlocks a quest chain at max level, you get a lot of XP from doing this, and you get to hang out with Velen, which doesn't happen often in this game.
  • At level 101, you get a class hall quest chain that ends up in unlocking your first 2 followers.
    As soon as you unlock followers, choose one to be your bodyguard.
    They help you beat stuff, they give you buffs or an extra ability.
  • As a general rule of thumb, every time you get a level in Legion content, it's best to go do a little check-up of Dalaran and your class hall in case some new quests are available.
    In the case of your class hall, the quests are either going to be to unlock a new follower or to acquire a new artifact weapon, which are both equally important to unlock your full class hall storyline. They give good experience, so might as well do them.
  • If you have crafting professions, you're going to have quests in Dalaran.
    If you have gathering professions, just pick stuff up in whatever zone you are and you'll eventually end up looting some quest items that will start quest chains.
    Whichever quests they are, they give good experience and more rewards, so get them done.
    Secondary profession quests for cooking and first aid will find their way to you normally, don't go out of your way looking for them. (Archaeology quests are only found at max level)
  • If there's a Legion Invasion happening on the Broken Isles (look at your map of the Broken Isles and check if there's a green swirly icon over a zone), get yourself over there ASAP and complete those world quests.
    They give a ridiculous amount of experience that boost your character faster than anything else.
  • And finally, if you're ever in an area with a Bonus Objective to complete, take the time to complete that – it's easy experience to compliment the quests you're doing.

So here's your leveling priority list:
  1. Legion Invasions
  2. Class Hall quests
  3. A Falling Star quest chain
  4. Legion dungeon quests
  5. Profession quests
  6. Regular Broken Isles zone questing

If you keep your focus on these priorities, you'll never run out of things to do, leveling will be a breeze and you'll reach level 110 really quickly.

At which point you'll be able to unlock Broken Isles world quests, the breadcrumb quest to unlock Suramar (text), the Broken Shore (text) (which can be skipped through a dialogue option with Khadgar) and then Argus (text).

Also, bonus points for you if you're offline or at work and you use Blizzard's Legion app so you can send your followers on missions that can give you extra experience.

And don't forget that the perfect time to level a character is during Darkmoon Faire week at the beginning of the month (check your in-game calendar) where you can grab your 60 minute 10% experience buff (WHEE!) from the carousel.

Have fun and enjoy Legion!

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