Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your reputation with the Auction House

It's one of the few reputations in game that works like what a reputation normally is in Real Life.
The one you can't wear a tabard for.
The reputation that is associated with the name of your character.

You may have one or many bank toons - when browsing the Auction House, people get to recognize your name and thoughts become associated with it after a while.
The time it takes for the associations to be made will depend on the frequency at which someone will check the AH, the number of items that you post, the markets that your items cover, the rarity of the items and especially the price.

Now this is a complex topic to cover and explain, and it's very subjective.
It's about people's perception of your auctions and I'm not sure that there are clear and simple rules to it.
The only way I think I can tackle this is by going with examples.

There used to be a guy on my server who would buy all rares and some blues and mark them up at 500% of their usual price.
His prices would never fluctuate - he was hoping for eventual future sales at the prices he dictated.
He laid back, reposted and reposted again, and was patient.
And he did that for months and months.
Sometimes it was good for sellers, because we could rely on him to buy our items if they were priced low enough for him.
And he would repost them.
(The crafty people used his prices as a reference to promote how cheap their own items were compared to his'.)
He did get some people to buy some of his items, mind you.
But a good percentage of his stock stayed there for months.
People didn't want to buy from him because his prices were too outrageous.
Even if there was a few instances where he posted items that people needed, people still went out of their way to buy from others or go out to farm the items themselves.
Because he was sending a very strong message that went along the lines of "I am trying to rip you off", players stayed away from him.
In the end, just before the Sundering patch, he had a huge big sale of his items, 48 hours, with bids, claiming he was "quitting the game" - and he didn't get any of the prices he was going for.

It's okay to shoot for profit - hey it's what we're all in it for.
But there is a difference between making a profit and being greedy.
And in our world of addons that analyze AH stats and The Undermine Journal, that difference can be made quite clear and visible to anyone who cares to take a peek at you.
There are ways to "massage" a market to get people to mark items at a higher price or simply to stimulate a market.

For instance, one thing that I've seen people do in preparation of Patch 4.1 is work the Pet market for 3-4 weeks in advance, posting some pets at higher and higher prices, buying out the lower competition to flip them eventually.
Now pet prices are much higher than they were a month ago and there are two new shiny achievements to back the demand of pets.
Winter Veil pets, rare farmable pets and Argent Tournament pets from the other faction are skyrocketing because people haven't been on during the Winter Veil event to buy the pets at dirt-cheap prices, have no patience for farming and especially have no patience to go back to Northrend dailies.
These reasons make those pets rare enough to mark up for even more than what they would have been worth in Wrath times.
It's incredible how much what people will pay on account of their laziness.

You can't waste half an hour to do a bunch of easy dailies at the Tournament ?
You'll have to pay the Lazy Tax.

But you have to use your noggin to determine what's an acceptable price and what's over the line.
If you're one of those people who have been working the market to accept your price, you're more likely to have sales than if you decide to reboot a market at a ridiculous price.
Taking two seconds to go to the Undermine Journal to look at how much the item is going for on other servers may give you a hint.

If you post items at good prices and you do it frequently enough, people will remember you and sometimes will skip the Auction House to deal directly with you.
If you delve in the Mysterious Fortune Card business, you are familiar with this.
People will ask you for a deal for stacks of 20, 50, 100 cards because you have a good supply and you're not greedy.
If you've been supplying Obsidium ore since the beginning of the expansion, you are very aware of this.
And it goes as well with many markets.

Chocolate Cookies stack to 20.
I sell them around or over 40g.
(That's in the norm, according to The Undermine Journal.)
The people that have been posting for 100g per stack are only selling when all my stock has been bought and I'm at work and can't post any more.
And even then, they're not selling that much.
If they continue with that behavior, they won't be selling anything at all.

Because in the end, selling works better than being greedy.

EDIT: So I wrote this post in bits and pieces when I was at work.
I come back home to proof-read it before I post and I see that Faid just wrote a post about the positive aspect of being known as a good and fair auctioneer (if I can be allowed to summarize it that way).
And that was in reaction to a post from The Gold Queen's post about protecting your auction anonymity.
It's a small world!

(By the way, Rule Number One is Information. Waaaay before not letting people know how to target you. Even that post from the Queen is qualified as information that's best to know before you plunge in the AH craziness. Heck, I follow some of these rules myself.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Warning: Too much barking may mute you

If you are a canine, this may be news to you.

If you're not, you're going duuuuuh.
But because you know we're talking about World of Warcraft, you know what I'm referring to.

By now, everybody has read Cold's posts on barking techniques for Mysterious Fortune Cards (if you haven't, please go read them and give your noggin a prod because I like to have creative people putting some flavor in Trade chat).
I know that a bunch of people on my server also read the posts during the same week it was posted because I saw the rise in numbers of barkers in Trade grow exponentially.
There was a point where you'd have 4 different barkers spamming every 30 seconds during peak times !
It lasted about a month before people were sick and disgusted and the general feeling towards Mysterious Fortune Cards was mistrust accompanied with a well-deserved stink of scamming. (I know it's NOT - I've read all about it. It's the general feeling that's important here.)

What I am getting to is that people over-barked in the name of competition.
Sure, the rule was indeed confirmed that whenever you barked once in a while you would get sales in the next minutes that followed.
People did indeed get gold for their efforts.
However, when Trade gets saturated with barks, nobody wins.
No one likes spam.
People /leave Trade or /ignore (or /Report Spam even though that would not be the recommended situation to use it).
It did not take long for my friends and guildmates to put the incessant barkers on their Ignore list.

And what happens then ?
Do players actually clear their Ignore list ?
No they don't.
When their list is full, they ask around if there's an addon to increase the Ignore list.

So all these gold-makers who wanted to jump in on the gold train of Mysterious Fortune Cards are now stuck in a lot of people's Ignore lists... and they won't be able to advertise to these people anymore.
Their barking was in fact actively losing potential future buyers.
(I think they even lost more gold potential than what they actually made with Cards, but I don't have numbers to back this claim - which would have been really awesome and interesting to see.)

Now... when selling the Chocolate Cookies and Cocoa Beans for the new Feat of Strength, I bark once every hour, maybe half-hour.
I don't stay on my bank toon very long.
I link the achievement (and mention it's in the General tab), the Cookies, the Beans, say they're on the AH, and log out immediately after.
I log back on another of my toons and go about my business and keep an eye on Trade to see the banter my bark caused.
I don't get involved in Trade when it happens, lest I give people a hint that it's me on an alt (don't underestimate Trade lurkers: some are really good at sniffing you out) - I let people talk about it between themselves and watch where the discussion goes.
So far it's been limited to "lol Feat of Strength" and "achievements lol".
And I've been selling.

So don't wear people out when advertising.
You don't like spammy and annoying ads in Real Life, so why would it be any different on the interwebs ?
I know the advertising game is competitive by nature, but you have to realize that getting on people's nerves can be bad.
And karma always comes back to bite you in the ass.
What you need to do is learn the balance between silence and noise.

Now if only real dogs could learn this as easily...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patch 4.1 : Wrath of the Lich King Part 2 : Gemmageddon!!!

Oh can you hear the cries of prospectors everywhere ?
Oh can you hear the wailing of the Experienced clashing with the anguished cries of the confused Newcomers to this Reborn Azeroth ?
Oh can you hear the despair and jealousy of DPS through the relentless torturous moaning of Trade chat ?

For now is the time for Patch 4.1 to rise!
All shall love it and despair !


I should really stop drinking this Limited Edition of Condensed-WoW Forum Extract with extra Televangelist Hate before my heart says “Screw this, buddy! I’m outta here!”.

Well, there are some truths within all this ruckus.

The ore and gems markets are jumping up and down faster than a Richard Simmons workout video put on fast-forward.
People have been bottling and fermenting their warm black rage, waiting for Call To Arms to release it with the effect and efficiency of a swarm of angry CGI bees on the face of all Nicolas Cage tank wannabes (wanna-bees ? Oh that was a bad one).
And dungeon nerfs are slowly but surely turning those “oh-so-hard” Cataclysm dungeons into the Wrath facerolls we so loved to hate.

What all this is making me feel, is that I won’t be delving into the ore and jewelcrafting business for quite a few days and the community will have effectively scared me again out of taking my tanks and my healer through the Cata dungeons.
Tough friggin’ luck.
Call back when your rage has been subdued.
Or has been misdirected by a new blog post by Ghostcrawler.

But there is a big silver lining.
I will be doing other things to occupy my time:
  • Pick up the They Grow So Fast quest from the Wintersaber Trainers (20 days of daily quests – gotta start them now!)
  • Sell a lot of pets on the Auction House
  • Complete the new ZG/ZA intro questing
  • Help out with Guild Challenges
  • Farm Poseidus and stick his mount on the AH for the most ridiculous price ever
  • Resume Archeology because it’s been given a brain to be smart about your digsites
  • Celebrate with my guild about the easy achievements we got from the incredibly awful and ridiculous professions guild achievement nerfs
  • Strut around with my Camel-Hoarder title along with half the server and then hide it because too many people have it
  • Stare at the Blizzard Store page until the Winged Guardian appears
Have a nice patch day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blackout: First Pass

Technically, to test farming stats you need to do it for a few hours to see the real numbers come up top, much like mining, herbing or milling stats.
Unfortunately I could not afford to test more than an hour today, so that's why it's a first pass.

I tested for an hour on a hunter with no Heroic dungeon gear, so you can expect an increase in the number of items looted if your toon is indeed well geared.
I also popped one of the Potion of Treasure Finding I made last night from all the herb farming I've done, just for kicks.
I'll just say that 6 Tiny Treasure Chests in an hour is slightly below the usual average I got so far from using those while questing.
But then again, sometimes I get one or two per hour and other times I get close to 20 per hour.
RNG - gotta love it.

I stayed airborne mostly all the time - nobody was doing the quest at the time.
That explains the low info I have for the Obisidan Viletongue and Obsidian Charscale.
Might as well just disregard the info about those two.
If we compare the skinning drop rates I got of the Obsidian Pyrewing with Wowhead's, I got 77% drop rate of Savage Leather while Wowhead is a tad lower (65%); and Blackened Dragonscale is on par (35%) with the 34% I got.
So adding the two other mobs with that one, I got 44 Blackened Dragonscale in an hour (0.73 scale per minute).
But as I've mentioned before, a Heroic or Raid geared character should be able to get more loots because of the fairly better firepower than this toon has.

In my list of priorities, getting Cata questing done on my toons is high up there to help the guild make the push to level 23.
Once we get that extra gathering in, I'll spend the cash to get some decent gear and then finally go in full-blown farming mode.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Best Leatherworking Quest of Cataclysm


That should be all I have to say about it, but let me explain if you haven't ran across this wonderful wonderful quest.

It's on the far end of Twilight Highlands story - it's quest #108, if you're looking at your Alliance quest counter (I haven't advanced to that point on my Hordie yet - you'll just have to figure that one out), so you have a bit of story to go through.

But once you get to that quest, you do not EVER EVER turn it in.

You have this burnt forest full of Obsidian Pyrewings flying around and Obsidian Charscale and Obsidian Viletongue on the ground.
The quest giver gives you Wyrmhunter Hooks that will act like grappling hooks and propel you in the air on the back of the Pyrewings so you can hack and slash at them until they die and fall to the ground.
The fun part is that you do not get attacked or hit or damaged by the mobs while you're killing them!
These wonderful hooks have an 80-yard range and can also be used on friendly dragons, but you will be targeting killable mobs.

What you will need is this macro:
/tar Obsidian Pyrewing
/use Wrymhunter Hooks
There are two things you have to watch out for: the mobs on the ground that you might fall on top of and the beach.
Mobs on the ground can be easily killed, but if you're a ranged class you might want to time when you give the Pyrewing the killing blow so you land on a safe spot.
The beach can be a little worrisome because it is the only spot in this region where you will take fall damage from falling with your dead Pyrewing - all the other space in the forest region will make you fall with no damage whatsoever.

Here's the other fun part: apart from the mobs in the Grim Batol dungeon, these dragons have the highest drop rate of Blackened Dragonscale and a very decent drop rate of Savage Leather.

Well, you know what to do with those, don't you ? :)
The ground mobs even have the same loot and skin table, so if you aggro one of them you don't feel bad about wasting your time on another mob !

So all you have to do is spam the macro, kill the mob, skin it, repeat!
The spawn rate is Cataclysm-crazy (aka really good for farmers) and you get a good amount of skins in no time!
Add a few Potions of Treasure Finding to the mix and you're good to go for hours of easy farming!

Sure, you could farm these mobs without having the quest, but the Wyrmhunter Hooks make it SO much easier!
Just make sure you don't ever turn the quest in!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Mark, Some Pets, Enchanting, Treasure Finding

First things first: 250K gold mark has been hit yesterday "and I'm not even trying" (ie: I'm not aggressively investing my time in the AH and trying to acquire big-money items, and I am still "wasting my time and money" on helping out my guild with achievements).

Once I'll have all my toons to 85 and all the Cataclysm quests done, I'll be aiming for that 500K mark.

Secondly, some smart people have noticed the new pet achievement in the upcoming patch and have started to slowly buy them before prices start raising.
Unfortunately, people like me have already been raising prices and suddenly they are all selling.
So I got rid of 3 Argent Tournament pets for nearly 1K gold each (they were on a long slow slope near 600g since the beginning of the expansion).
Xmas pets are very much in demand and my experiment to raise the prices of those is slowly starting to pay off as the 100g pets are now edging closer to 300g now (so many people have been stockpiling those, so they are throwing them up on the AH because now they are seeing a good profit margin appearing, thanks to me).

Thirdly, I have 300g worth of proof that selling enchanting mats for 1-300 leveling during the weekends is a good business that I'll keep working on.
I notice once in a while that a new contender enters the market with a big stockpile of items, like a very specific type of dusts and essences.
I usually don't interfere with the type of items he's trying to sell and pick up all the rest of the areas he's not covering.

I know that we are supposed to keep an eye on the Books of Glyph Mastery to flip them but I haven't seen a single one for weeks.
Either the supply is nonexistent or the demand is extremely high.
May consider investigating on how to farm those.

Also, a friend and me might pick up on Faid's advice concerning her experiment with the Potion of Treasure Finding.
We both are in need of a lot of cloth to finish leveling our tailor alts and want to get all our Dreamcloth cooldowns (except the one that requires Chaos Orbs) running to make some 26-slotters.
I'll even be picking up MobInfo2 again and endure its memory-hungry hell to try to compare stats with Faid's. (The things I have to do for gold, some days...)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chocolate Cookies: The Risk

In the previous post, I mentioned banking on the chance that people might buy Chocolate Cookies for the achievement You'll Feel Right As Rain where you have to gain 91 stacks of the Satisfied buff you get when you eat the cookies.
I will put them in stacks of 20 for in between 20g to 40g.

Now people might think I'm just banking on a get-rich-quick thing and I'll be out in a few days.
That is true.
BUT, the other thing I'll be doing is selling Cocoa Beans (to make the Cookies) on the AH as well on the off-chance that they fix the Imported Supplies as intended.

Something people might not have known unless they paid attention to it...
Imported Supplies was meant to be containing one of three ingredients : Cocoa Beans, Dry Yeast or Noble Hops.
The bag was supposed to change every day and the bag's description would let you know what's in it before you spend the cooking token on it.
However the bag was apparently bugged and got hotfixed to supply only Cocoa Beans until the programmers could fix the issue.

Wowhead comment:
Something went wrong, according to a GM, and the 'Imported Supplies' sack is NOT rotating its contents as it is supposed to; it is instead stuck on cocoa beans (apparently 2 stacks worth). The GM Mephron spoke to indicated that it's a known bug, that it would be fixed in 'an upcoming patch' but s/he was unable to give Mephron an estimated date for said patch.
The thing about Dry Yeast and Noble Hops is that they are both needed to make the Darkbrew Lager, which is an item that is needed to complete the Cataclysmic Gourmet achievement.
Fortunately for achievement whores, the achievement got hotfixed at the same moment as the Imported Supplies, so everybody could get their achievement and stop foaming at the mouth.

What if the programmers managed to fix everything ?
What if the Imported Supplies now started rotating between the three items ?
And what if Blizzard decided that we had enough of gorging ourselves on Cocoa Beans and made it the least one to show up on the Imported Supplies - just as people needed to buy a ton of them to get their achievement ?

The one who bought the Cocoa Beans in advance must be laughing his tits off.

IF everything happens that way.
That's a big IF.
So that's why I'm stacking less than a thousand cookies and hope to move them by the end of the first weekend after Patch 4.1 hits us.
Who knows, I might get lucky and bring in a few hundred gold with this.

Thoughts on 4.1

Here's a random bunch of things about the 4.1 patch that I want to throw out - all my point of view - , now that we have a Release Candidate on the PTR.

Green gems: still worth having.
For crafting/vendoring or crafting/DE/sell the dusts.
But most importantly, those people who had a lot of green gems stockpiled will effectively be able to keep the daily JC gem market afloat during the waves that will be hitting the JC community on the AH.
In the last few weeks, the market has not fluctuated one bit on my server.

Ores : might drop in price.
Honestly, I'm not convinced that prices will drop incredibly because of vendor worth.
Either people will go farm their own ore (it really isn't all that complicated nowadays) or buy it straight from the AH because the prices will be so low.
But my money is on the fact that a lot of people will be going away from the ore markets and others will pick it right back up and will make an effort to raise the prices to a new level.
The AH will regulate itself, as it always has done.
One thing is sure: it will be interesting to see how the situation evolves.

Pets : will equal cha-ching!
Anyone noticed that the prices of pets has been slowly on the rise ?
Not just a few pets, but a very large amount of pets have had their prices go higher and higher ?
Oh right, that might've been me preparing the market for the pet achievements!
Tee hee hee.

Chocolate Cookies : stacks of cookies will mysteriously appear on the AH before the patch and all competition will be bought out...
I might have been responsible for that.
Is there an achievement related to the cookies in the patch ?

I'm also putting up a few Fish Feasts on the AH, on the chance that the changes on guild achievements might encourage people to buy feasts for the Dinner Party achievement.

As for the rest, Mageshadow already got us covered:

Oh and no epic gems. No epic gems. No epic gems.
Just in case people might not have noticed, there's not going to be epic gems in 4.1.
Just... stop asking about them.
My head will explode.
At this point, it feels like the epic gem market is making people salivate like crazy and they are going to pop veins if they don't see them soon.
Like an over-hyped project that takes way too long in the production stage, it might be a very long while before you get your hands on it.

So my advice to them is: breathe.
You have plenty of time.
Epic gems are not coming out any time soon.
Not even in Patch 4.2.
More on this soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Still assessing the situation.

Right now the PTR gem changes are making a huge dent in economies already.
I've noticed that Elementium ore has finally dropped from its usual 60g/stack down to 40g/stack, so I jumped on the occasion to do a bunch of shuffling (30 stacks - didn't want to spend too much time on it).
Cut and sold the Hessonite and Alicite.
Kept the Carnelians to trickle through the AH whenever the price isn't too low (or to craft disenchantable Carnelian Spikes once the guild gets Bountiful Bags).
Kept Zephyrite, Nightstone and Jasper to sell on the JC dailies at more than 12g a pop.
Kept some Infernal Rubies to cut and sell during raid times and some for safekeeping once patch 4.1 hits us.
Cut and posted on the AH some Demonseye and Ember Topaz.
Cut and vendored Dream Emerald, Amberjewel and Ocean Sapphire.

Got profit.

I might continue working on the Saronite shuffle as the Infinite Dust demand seems to be stable.
My Cataclysm version of the Saronite shuffle does not include much selling of rings and necklaces (although a few are ending on the AH).
Cut and vendor the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal, turn the rest into rings and necklaces with the Crystallized Earth I've mined, then send to disenchant.
What I am sure I will continue to do is to buy items to disenchant from the AH to bump up the guild disenchanting achievement.

Tip: In a group, choosing the Disenchant option will not make it count for the achievement.
The enchanter has to have the item in his bag for it to count.

What I had been doing to cut down risk and be sure to make a little bit of profit out of this, I used to check for greens that sold for 50s and less and buy them all, than disenchant the heck out of them.
Just do a little bit each day : it will add up.
It was all well and good as many people were picking up enchanting as a tradeskill and not a lot of people were supplying mats to the AH in the first months of the expansion.
But these last 2 weeks I've been hitting a wall and I've been lowering prices just to move the damn dusts.

This brings me to today's post by Cold that hit on the nose what I hadn't yet considered:

The Large Brilliant Shard business was a total and complete wreck ever since Insane in the Membrane was added to the game and tons of people were found running 50 to 60 dungeons and the AH was flooded by shards.
So I forgot about that toxic venture and didn't think of checking up on it.
But now that the levels of certain dungeons have changed and some requirements of the Insane achievement have been tweaked, the market has picked up and single shards are now going for 24g on my server (according to TUJ).
I'll take up the advice and see if I can work this for more gold.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well Color Me Pissed...

From MMO Champion's recently datamined info from the PTR:
With that nice little post I made about having a whole cycle of gemcutting...
Yeah, I'm going to have to turn this around and find a way to profit from this for guilds who are trying to get this achievement.

But I'm hoping that this number will be revised.
Why, you ask ?
Oh that is very nice of you to ask, very nice indeed !
Well let me reply to your marvelous query with a dainty :


Well, the good part is that I made a profit from this all the way through.
And it was a very good exercise on my part on trying to reach an objective that regular WoW players have called ridiculous.
Give me a couple more months and I would have reached that 25,000 fucker.

I know it would have been so much more easier by doing the obsidium/elementium shuffle, but prices and prospecting and cutting and disenchanting times were not very good on my end, so I had to rely on other ways to reach my goal. (More details: see previous post)

So color me pissed because life just throws mean curve balls some days.
Especially when you realize that you will have officially wasted your time doing something that you've been claiming and explaining and even titling "No, I'm Not Wasting My Time"...

I need a pat in the back for all my hard work.
My friend "Bottle O' Rum" has never let me down so far, so I'll give him a call...

No, I'm Not Wasting My Time

I have to confess that I am not a good gold-maker, because I care too much about the guild I'm in.

I have been asked why I said that I am half-assing at gold-making in-game, why I am not aiming for a specific amount of gold, why I don't partake in the obsidium/elementium shuffle, etc...
The reason is that I have given myself other objectives that take first place before gold-making does.
And that specific objective has to do with the guild achievements.

Okay stop for a second.
I know what you're thinking.
Besides achievements that have useful rewards attached to them, guild achievements are pointless, right ?
Well, not for me, they're not.
Let's just make it very clear that this is my opinion and I will take the time to explain it.

Okay so we have these guild achievements and daily guild rep and personal weekly guild rep.
I want to maximize these things as much as possible with all of my toons and make sure that nothing gets wasted.
I'm the kind of guy that herbed his way from 80 to 85 before he started questing, in order to get max gold from questing.
My main got 80 to 85 with a mix of mining and archeology.
I made sure all my toons explored all of the nooks and corners of the new zones (getting the Explore achievement is not enough) and got all the free XP from it because it's XP that can never be had again once you hit the level cap.
And it's a tad more gold you get from questing because those few bars of XP are pushing you a bit more closer to level cap.
Yeah, nothing wasted for more gains.

So long story short: everything that I do has an objective that is guild-related.

Ore: I prospect it all, cut the blues and purples for the guild jewelcrafting achievement, use the gems for the daily JC transmutes (yes, all 3 of them), craft rings and necklaces, send those to my enchanter who will disenchant them for the guild disenchantement achievement, then sell the results on the Auction House.
I don't remember which gold blog posted about it, but yes indeed there is a need for all types of enchanting mats (except those worthless shards that you can't even vendor).
Many stacks of Infinite Dust at 90g ?
Why, yes, I do have some of that.
As for the gems, I stalk the AH for raw blue gems that are under or equivalent to cut vendor price, buy, cut and vendor them.
Seriously, small profits stack up.
Especially if people still are getting rid of their stockpiles of the previous expansions.

Herbs : I send one stack to my alchemist who will make flasks for the guild flask achievement, I put one stack in the guild bank and I mill one stack to make glyphs for the very odd guild glyph achievement.
I could jump in the glyph market on the Auction House, but that venture is so complex and there's not enough painkillers at my disposal to even begin to be competitive.
So since I don't have time to mess around with them and I need to move those glyphs as quickly as possible, I shove them at a very ridiculous price and bark a few times in Trade.
I just need a few gold in return to be satisfied.
Yes, I know that's not the best way to profit from that and I am ultimately wasting my time/gold ratio, but I don't really care (call me stoopid if ya like).

Critters: I kill them when they're in my way.

Dailies: As long as it's not Feeling Crabby? (SO annoying some days), I do them for the dailies guild achievement, and the Alliance rep, and the guild rep, and just the rep if they're characters in the process of leveling (even if I'm not thinking of actively leveling them for months!).

Characters: New characters have tradeskills especially to help bump up the skinning and glyphing achievements (the most deficient ones in the guild currently).

Okay, picture gotten, I hope.
So that's why I'm being half-assed about my own gold-making.
My level of dedication to my guild is 100%.
In the end, everyone in the guild will profit from all of that.
Achievements, guild perks, mounts, pets...
I'm always about the long-shot and the big picture and I always try to find a way to make a little profit on the side.
Everybody wins !

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rise of the Craftables

Ok methinks it's best if I make only one "For Dummies" post per week and post proper blog entries regularly... I'm still new to this so let's see how it works.

So, like Faid mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the JMTC meeting, Crafting Madness (as I call it) is finally in its last throes.
On my server it's been taking a couple of weeks for prices to start to readjust and now is the time for me to try to make profit out of it.
I've been waiting for prices of certain items to tank until people decide they're best to be disenchanted or vendored until suddenly the items became non-existent on the AH.

The new hip/hot thing now is items for alts (or mains, if you've been slacking off and been busy with too many things + RL *points at self*). Craftable items' prices are now on the rise for people who level alts through the Cata zones and dungeons - and some people are powering their alts to max out as many Justice Points as they can grab before 4.1 hits us.

The Notched Jawbone, which scribes were crafting to level their profession as it was a 5-point multi-gain, was posted steadily around 50g since the beginning of the expansion. Now it's sky-rocketed way over 2k each, which makes sense since it's the best blue item in the relic slot for death knights before raids (last I checked - don't quote me on this).

Crafted items with random enchantments (at all levels - not just 80+) are also all the rage.
Many new alts have been created and greens and blues are going like crazy on the AH - especially for the slots that are not covered by heirlooms.

Let me get sidetracked for a second.
Quick reminder concerning heirlooms: not everybody has them.
Also, not everybody has heirlooms for the class that they're playing.
In most cases, people at some point bought themselves a set of heirlooms for a specific class and didn't bother to buy a new set for other future alts.
So don't deny the Auction House of those greens and blues you've picked up randomly: people still buy them.

I've made a ridiculous amount of gold crafting Sapphire Signets and selling the ones with the most requested stats (whose prices may have been slightly higher than the others with less desirable stats but some people in a hurry would buy anyways).
All I needed to do was to make a single round of Winterspring in search of Thorium Ore and I was ready to roll.
I just had to keep an eye on my sold auctions to keep up the supply - selling like hotcakes on a weekend!

Has anyone ever seen a sale of hotcakes ?
Post me a comment if you did because the closest I've seen to that expression is either hot-out-of-the-oven bread or cupcakes... O_o

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh yeah, forgot about this...

One-week vacation happening currently - totally forgot about posting...
I'll cook up the next installment of my "Gold-making for Dummies" tangent soonish.

Just for the heck of landmarking it: this week I hit the old gold cap of 214k some days ago.
In these Cataclysm days where it's so easy to make gold, it's really not surprising.
Fun fact: before the Shattering patch hit us, I had 90k. So yeah...
Eventually I'll try to get to 500k, the halfway mark towards the 1 million cap, but only when I'll put my mind to it.
I'm casually playing the game and I am concentrating on boosting my main as well as helping the guild in as many ways as possible - so gold-making is taking a back seat in my priorities.
Heck - I haven't even had the time to hit all the Normal Cataclysm dungeons yet...
This is the first time that I have been hitting the cap of 25 daily quests on a regular basis.
And I have never shuffled so many items in between characters.
And I have no more space to create characters on my server anymore.
So yeah... Busy busy bee.