Monday, April 25, 2011

Blackout: First Pass

Technically, to test farming stats you need to do it for a few hours to see the real numbers come up top, much like mining, herbing or milling stats.
Unfortunately I could not afford to test more than an hour today, so that's why it's a first pass.

I tested for an hour on a hunter with no Heroic dungeon gear, so you can expect an increase in the number of items looted if your toon is indeed well geared.
I also popped one of the Potion of Treasure Finding I made last night from all the herb farming I've done, just for kicks.
I'll just say that 6 Tiny Treasure Chests in an hour is slightly below the usual average I got so far from using those while questing.
But then again, sometimes I get one or two per hour and other times I get close to 20 per hour.
RNG - gotta love it.

I stayed airborne mostly all the time - nobody was doing the quest at the time.
That explains the low info I have for the Obisidan Viletongue and Obsidian Charscale.
Might as well just disregard the info about those two.
If we compare the skinning drop rates I got of the Obsidian Pyrewing with Wowhead's, I got 77% drop rate of Savage Leather while Wowhead is a tad lower (65%); and Blackened Dragonscale is on par (35%) with the 34% I got.
So adding the two other mobs with that one, I got 44 Blackened Dragonscale in an hour (0.73 scale per minute).
But as I've mentioned before, a Heroic or Raid geared character should be able to get more loots because of the fairly better firepower than this toon has.

In my list of priorities, getting Cata questing done on my toons is high up there to help the guild make the push to level 23.
Once we get that extra gathering in, I'll spend the cash to get some decent gear and then finally go in full-blown farming mode.

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  1. You could also try Sethria's Roost in Mt Hyjal - the only downside there is that you get a lot of savage leather scraps mixed in but for Blackened Dragonscale, it's great, especially if you're not lvl 85 yet or not that well geared.

    Not as much fun as riding drakes around either of course! lol