Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've been on the receiving end of a lot of hate mail recently.
How my blog sucks.
How I write poorly.
How I've been stealing people's posts and re-wording them.
3 people in particular (don't know if it's the same person sending from 3 different email addresses - if that's true, it's certainly lame) have been very insisting that I do demeaning things to myself.

Okay let's state a few facts.

When I started this blog, it was only for my friends and myself.
I am sorta gold-making savvy in my little circle of friends and they insisted that I start something to write down all the tips I came up with.
I didn't want to spam the guild forums, so I naturally turned to blogging, as that's what gold-making people were doing.
Plus, it was a challenge for me - learning what blogs are about, how they function, and it was as well an outlet and motivation for me to write stuff on a daily basis (has to do with my background, which I will not be posting here).

With Blogger came 2 advantages I did not have before : being able to write not-anonymous comments on other people's blogs and having my very own blogroll (instead of having to use other people's or having lots of opened tabs on my browser).

Now I know that people are probably adding me to their blogrolls for the same reason : they like what they are reading and they want to keep being updated on my posts.
Only very recently I have discovered the Stats tab of Blogger with the number of hits and all that stuff.
I mean I was very much surprised when people started commenting on my blog - heck I didn't think other people but my friends were reading what I wrote here.
I've been appreciative for the handful of constructive comments I've received. :)

Other thing: I am a very busy person.
I didn't and don't have the time to take the time to read all the previous and current posts that everybody in the gold-making community write.
So yes there might be some repetition of facts that people have stated previously.
I mean there's been a handful of posts about what mats to start collecting for Patch 4.2 and they're all pretty much saying the same thing, each with their own take on how to approach the situation.
Duplication will happen.

I don't willingly copy people's material and repackage it as my own.
That's incredibly lame.
I have absolutely no advantage to take from doing such a thing.
No fame, no traffic, no ad money to make from this.
I do read what people write - I don't go back in archived posts and read everything, is all.
Apparently, that's bad or something.

Just think of this big post as a big Disclaimer that says that I will post what I want. (Kinda like what Alto's posted recently)
If it's re-hashed stuff you've already read, it happens.
If someone has written a better post than I have, by all means please link it, point me in the right direction - heck I might even learn a few tricks myself.
But to accuse me of being a thief - nope that doesn't stick to me, that's not my M.O..

I've had my share of dealing with internet hate about 14-15 years ago in the days of IRC.
I have not the time, the energy, the interest to deal with any incoming wave of hate towards this pastime of mine.
I don't want to become a staple of the WoW gold-making community and I don't think I'm The Shit when it comes to gold-making.
I've said before that I'm actually very much half-assing on gold-making in-game right now, so that should be all anyone should need to know about the level of concern they should have towards this blog.

Okay I think that's it.
Nope, I'm not quitting blogging.
Those who have been reading me - you're all still welcome.
I'm giving everyone the chance to know that even though haters gonna hate and be in my face about it, I'm just going to change sidewalks and still be on my merry way.


  1. As requested in your email to me, you are off my blogroll.

    I guess there's a first time for everything...

    Hate mail is something that happens quite a bit. Bad comments are something you have to deal with, as your posts are public. It's too bad you made this decision, but to each their own. Good luck with blogging!

  2. Remember its much easier to tear something down than build it up.

    I don't allow anonymous comments on PW:G. If someone has something to say they can put their name on it.

    My advice is to brush it of (much easier said then done trust me I know) and continue full steam ahead. If people like what you write they will continue to read.

    Bottom line: Chase the fun. If blogging is something you enjoy no one can take that away from you.

    If you ever need to vent/chat shoot me an email.

  3. Post what you want to post, write what you want to write - noone should give a rat's butt where the inspiration came from. If reading someone elses blog gives you an idea, as long as it's not copy and paste, it isn't plagerism! When it comes to making gold on Wow, there really are only so many 'original ideas'... the rest is just your style or spin on it... maybe a different location or item here and there.

    If people send you hate email comments - you have one very easy solution - DELETE! I wouldn't even bother to respond to them. If they don't like what you write, they have the ability to surf to other sites. Noone forced them to read your page(s)...

    Oh well... sorry for the long comment but in short... blog if you enjoy doing it and if 1 person reads it or 1 million, you will be doing what you enjoy.

    Just my .02 worth...

  4. Hi Khalior,
    I'm sorry to have found out that this was also happening to you.
    Those trolls aren't worth worrying about :) You just keep on being you!

    Alyzande, writer of The Gold Queen

  5. "I will post what I want." I noticed that on your pre 4.3 patch post. Added you once I could find the damn follow button (today...)

    Focus on the people that give strength. People will always complain; That's why doing what you love is key, especially with things like blogging , where they can troll you on the webs.