Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Status: RL Main Time

No big post from me last week, I know...
I've been busy writing a new "Gold-making for dummies" post and it's taking a lot more time than I expected.
I want to make sure the post is precise and concise - and it has not been, so I've been re-writing the post twice now.
Also, RL has slightly taken over: birthdays, illnesses and lots and lots of sun.

Not a lot of WoW time this week, but that doesn't mean I'm not selling anything.
Prices of pets are still rising!
Those who have been endlessly complaining on Trade about people such as myself "ripping people off with inflated prices" have been putting their own pets up for higher and higher prices.
Heck - someone bought a Horde Argent Tournament pet for 8K!
I've reactivated my 2nd account and transferred a slew of Horde items to my Alliance bank and I am waiting for the right time to start trickling down all those items.
I've also been flipping some of the different raptor hatchlings in the Neutral Auction House.

Patch 4.2 is coming soon and those pet achievements are starting to get known.
People have started to farm for some rare pets.
I would like to think that none of the Wrath babies or Cataclysm newborns or just any of the ADD-addled "kids" don't have the guts or patience of an ol' "get out and farm for 3 hours in a row" veteran, but there are some exceptions who have an open mind, understand how the game works and adapt.
Just a word of warning, friends...
I've even seen a couple of Disgusting Ooseling making their appearance on the AH...

I've started to delve into the crafted leather pvp gear, which has been selling rather well (as well as help me get through the last few points of max Leatherworking).
My new favorite pastime in-game ?
Tol Barad.
I have the Wintergrasper Advanced addon (which causes a few tiny lag issues when games start, but I don't mind, as long as the time is accurate) that tells me when it's time to queue for Tol Barad and Wintergrasp.
Queue up for TB, win it, jump on my Leatherworker and run like crazy in the swamp to skin as many dead crocolisk corpses as possible.
Yes, there's competition, but I'm hard-headed and stubborn about staking my claim as "temporary owner of these farming grounds".
I don't waste a second on chatting, I jump from corpse to corpse relentlessly and I don't give an inch to other farmers.
(Of course, if the person is literally sitting on a pile of dead crocs while fighting another one, I don't touch them, because I may be competitive but I'm not a bag of douche.)
Oh, and I'm farming on my Frost Dark Paladin Death Knight who has 2/2 On A Pale Horse.
Just a little speed boosting detail.

So yes to Tol Barad : my one and only supply of Pristine Hide for 4.2.
There's plenty of people farming their Tol Barad tokens for their mounts and pets to help keep me supplied.

Emerald Crown of Destruction, anyone ?
Leveling casters want some of that.
Sapphire Signets ?
Yeah leveling characters want those too.
Stacks of Thorium Bars ?
If I don't flood the Auction House, they'll move.
The Blasted Lands run and Thorium Ore shuffle are still alive and kicking.

Too many people aggressively undercutting each other over cut Inferno Rubies ?
I sell them raw.
Yeah I know I might be losing a 20g profit *max* by doing that.
I'd rather have a raw Inferno Ruby selling now than having to cancel and repost for two nights in a row.
Again, that's just me.

Finally the price of herbs has finally dropped to what it is on other servers and flask prices have followed through, stopping the big flow of income I had coming from those.

I've also been keeping an eye on those enchanting scrolls that a ton of enchanters have made/are still making to get through their Cataclysm leveling.
Some of the prices are still dirt cheap and still not worth getting into or stockpiling for future profits.
However, the prices of some "rarer" enchants (read: the enchants that the flock hasn't used to level) are high and soaring.
Enchant Bracer - Greater Expertise and Enchant Cloak - Protection are my best sellers right now at respectively 450g and 250g, with practically no competition (which I find weird).
I could go higher, but my server is very susceptible to price gouging, and right now I'm more into getting rid of my stockpile than getting the best price I could get.

To finish with a bang, I've been working these last 2 weeks on completing Archeology on my main so I can move over to my alchemist and try to get the Vial of the Sands recipe.
I've been selling a few Nerubian Obelisks and Troll Tablets and they were quickly bought.
Since I don't care as much about completion on my alchemist as I am just trying to level him up to Tol'vir digsites, I'll be selling all the keystones I come across.

Hmm, now that I think about it, I realize that there's probably not a lot of people who will have understood what I just wrote, as Archeology has been branded as a "waste of time" and "boring" and "stupid" by the trolls community.
That's going to be my next post, I guess.
It's quick and easy to write and I could use some off time from that other post I've been trying to write...
*pops another Tylenol*


  1. I def understood your comments about archeology as I just went over 450 on my Pally... He just left Outland to focus mostly on Troll sites... any guess what I'm farming for? lol

    I would say this about selling the tablets though... Yes, they sell well... but keep in mind that if you 'are just doing archeology to level him up to Tol'vir digsites' that by selling the tablets, you are slowing down the time it will take to get there for the sake of profit. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, it's what I've done myself... Flying to the different dig sites is quick enough that it doesn't take me long to gather the fragments... so I sell the tablets as well.

  2. Well yes what I meant by that was that I'm not going around obsessively trying to collect every single artifact for him like I did with my main.
    For example, I stayed in Outlands until I got everything for Orcs and Draenai, including all the grey items.
    Then I did the same in Northrend with Vrykul and Nerubians.
    Simply caring about the skill level puts me in another state of mind.
    For me, flying to an "extra site" to collect the averaged 12 Fragments is no biggie.
    I'm thinking "flying for 5 mins and digging will possibly make me an extra 100g later instead of losing 100g right now".
    Perspective, etc...