Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top 5 Best Worst of Khalior

Because I'm writing a hard, complicated and convoluted post that might take way more time and effort out of me than usual, and before the handful of people that follow me think I've fallen off the face of the planet (and ended up in its' buttcrack), I want to post a sort of buffer thing.
Yep, I admit it up-front: this is a 'filler' post. That doesn't mean it will not be interesting - just less than usual, I guess.
Whipped cream: the perfect filler. For everything.

In the recent 'upheavals' of the gold-blogging community, I've been taking a much more personal look into gold-making practices (more on that later) and a bit into the whole blogging thing, so I've been looking at the stats tab of my blog.

Now I usually don't look at it, for fear that my ego decides to write to get more page views and cater to the demands of the crowd.
I want to write.
I need to write.
Heck, I was a few months away from getting a Master playwright's degree before my personal world collapsed.
Admittedly, my writing itself is far from perfect.
I come up with weird sentences and odd punctuation and my vocabulary seems somewhat limited, but that's what you get when English is your second language.
I can work writing 'orders' when asked, but I usually write what's on my mind and that's what ends up on here.
It's more about an outlet to a scribbling addiction than it is about competing in a popularity contest with a community that I don't feel like I am really a part of.

That being said, here are the Top 5 most popular posts of 'all time' (ie: since I started this blog) according to Blogger stats.

#5 : Warning: Too much barking may mute you
Where I discuss barking techniques, barking as annoying people on Trade, losing potential future sales and the Ignore list.
You hear people mention barking about Mysterious Fortune Cards, but there is potential for so many other items! (Personally, I think Chocolate Cookies are awesome because they're tied to an easy achievement - it's instant gratification for everyone.)

#4 : Setting Goals and Making Gold with Guild Achievements
A three-part series where I detail how I managed to combine gold-making with helping my guild reach its' achievements.
Not the best Gold Per Hour, but it's easy multitasking brought to a new level.

#3 : WoW Trek: The Next Expansion: Deep Space Five (Farm your Fire Phoenix!)
This is a non-gold post where I give props to the theory that the then-undeclared Mists of Pandaria expansion would be an Outer Space Weekend Adventure.
Okay, it didn't turn out to be that, but signs still point to the possibility of that happening for the next expansion following MoP.
At BlizzCon 2011, Chris Metzen said that the draenei would not be playing a big part in MoP but that something was cooking for them in the future.
He also expressed the desire to go back to the Burning Crusade high-fantasy, to see what the Burning Legion is up to, to see the draenei home planet of Argus.
The books and short stories have been building a lot of back-story for Anduin Wrynn and Velen and... well something is going to happen with that.
(He also got the order from the fans to bring back Illidan in some way, so an Outland revamp might be in order *cough cough*)

#2 : The Best Leatherworking Quest of Cataclysm
Yes, anonymous guy, I should've said "Best Skinning Quest".
A simple post about how the Blackout quest is awesome to help farm some leather and scales - and pop a Treasure Finding potion for extra loot.
This came in really really handy.

#1 : Lore: Leader Issues: Thrall Vs Malfurion VS Garrosh Vs Varian
Yes, my #1 most popular post on this mostly gold-based blog has to do with friggin' lore.
Bartender, I'll have another Rum 'n Irony.
In this post, I explain the differences between the leaders of both PvE and PvP in the Alliance and Horde.
I also point out that the strong points of how the story of the Horde are fueling the player base are also what's lacking in the Alliance story as well as the Alliance player base.

As a general recommendation to everyone: read them Warcraft books.
With the incoming faction fights in Mists of Pandaria, having a pile of good reasons to fight will go a long way with your game immersion.
If you don't understand what's the big hubhub about players taking offense with the imminent destruction of Theramore, the books will help you see more of the rich tapestry of Warcraft lore.
They're wonderful, well written and they're just getting better and better every time.
(If you don't know where to start, at least read Rise of the Horde, even if you play as Alliance.)

So there you go!
I'm way not done yet and there's still plenty of topics to cover about gold-making, so stick around!

Obligatory Epic Thanksgiving video

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  1. "A community that I don't feel like I am really a part of." I know that feeling and with me i'm completely fine with it. I create my own community by choosing the ones I support regardless of if the ones I support accept me or not. Though let me be clear, the more attitude someone has the less likely I am to support them openly.

    The reasons why I like or dislike someone vary, but if someone either does something great i'll be quick to tell them. If on the other hand they do something bad, i'll be silent, but distance myself from them without it being very noticable.

    I'm the kind of person you like a lot or get very effin annoyed with (long posts, super long comments) and that's the way I am. NO way that i'm changing that just because i'm talking to strangers.

    Keep on writing! A few that understand is a lot more important than plenty of effin morons. Write for the audience you want to attract and focus on them, if you choose to focus on any audience.