Friday, April 20, 2012

How to clear your NPCscan cache in 1 click

Yes, I know that there's already someone that made video about it and that Jim's made a video about it.
I'm not wowing anyone with this nor is this anything new.
However, since there are still people having problems with it because some steps are not written or stated, I want to write here everything that is needed.

0- Make sure your game is closed.

1- Locate your Cache folder, then WDB folder, then select your localization folder (mine's "enUS"), and then you should be in front of a few files.

2- Open up Notepad and copy these lines in your document.
del creaturecache.wdb
del npccache.wdb
3- Use the Save As... option and save it with the cache files that are in the other window you've opened.
To do that, you need to:
- Use the drop-down menu to switch from "Text Files" to "All Files".
- Name it the way you want (I used "ClearCache"), but the important part is that you save it as ".bat".
So your file name should be "ClearCache.bat" and then click Save.
ClearCache.bat should be with the other files.

4- Right-click ClearCache.bat and Create Shortcut.

5- Copy/paste the shortcut wherever it is most convenient for you.

From now on, you can simply click that shortcut before you start the game and you're good to go!

Edit: You might have to reinstall this whenever Blizzard installs a new patch and wipes the database folder. But this only takes a moment to do and you can even save yourself a copy of the file and shortcut that you can copy/paste back where they're supposed to be!

Why do you delete npccache.wdb ?
Just in case you are (or will be) using NPCscan for more than just warning you about rare mobs that were automatically added in the addon.

For instance, when I'm in Stormwind I've set it to give me a warning for when Lil' Timmy spawns.
He's not a rare mob, but he spawns every so often in the day and will sell only one Cat Carrier (White Kitten) that can go from 50g to 400g (server dependent, as always), so it's first come first served with this NPC.

I've heard of other people using the addon for special and not-so-special NPCs, so adding that line covers you for that possibility as well!

Disclaimer: Not making any money or stealing any internet fame (lol) from this, so chill out before you state that it's unoriginal - I know already. It's more for my mental OCD sanity than anything else.

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