Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Quickest Skinning Cataclysm Spot

I know it's quite late in the game to be bringing a Cataclysm skinning tip, but it may be helpful for alts or for any of the reasons I'll mention later.
Hey who knows?
"Might come in handy" is the point.

Please note that the objective of this is to get a quick number of mobs skinned, not to get a max number of  skins. (I.E.: If you're running after this achievement.)
If you want to get a fast number of Savage Leather, but that's not as quick as this place and you can be crowded by people doing dailies, go farm the spiders in the Molten Front or the crocolisks in Tol Barad.

Everyone that's looked into skinning spots in Cataclysm knows that a great way to start off if you're looking for leather you can skin yourself, is to go farm the crabs in the starting zone of Vashj'ir.
While this is a good idea, there's a few cons about it.
The crabs are really spread out all over the place, their respawn time is a bit meh if you're trying to farm as many of them as possible, and people that are trying to do the quest there might be a bit angry at you for killing everything in sight.

I tried the crabs but I wasn't satisfied.
I thought "There must be a better place to do that somewhere in Vashj'ir that does not have those inconveniences".
And I found it.
It's not too far away from the crabs.

The mobs are Famished Great Sharks and they're found swimming in a bunch just before a naga quest zone.

  • Because there is a quest attached to them, Blizzard has set them to be on a fast respawn timer. Farming alone, there are always 2-3 sharks up at all times, even when I hurry to kill everything as fast as possible. Sometimes you even get the double and triple spawning mobs on top of each other.
  • You're not in the way of people who try to do the quest, as they only need to cast the mind control object on a single shark to be good to go.
  • The sharks swim quite closely to each other, so you don't have to move around a lot to go from target to target.
  • Have a chance to drop 77-79 greens and 80-81 blues.
  • If you have your NPCscan addon, you might catch Lady LaLa - she spawns in the naga area nearby and drops a healing trinket.
  • 20% drop rate of Deepsea Scale from skinning them. Which isn't shabby, though not the prime mob you'd want to farm if you were running after that. You can craft some easy nice blue chests and level 80 shoulders that usually go for a very nice chunk of gold on the AH from leveling toons.

  • 50% chance to skin Savage Leather Scraps instead of Savage Leather. So you're going to end up with a ton of scraps. (Some people consider this a bad thing because omg they have to convert the scraps into leather... /end sarcasm)
  • Fighting in 3D. If you really don't like it, you better not try this. Or try it. Because you don't have far to swim to reach all the mobs, you might actually get used to it eventually.

On a Raid Finder geared Frost Death Knight, I average 250 kills/skinnings per hour.
Just make sure you have a lot of bag space and some Potions of Treasure Finding handy.
If you need a vendor and you don't have a mammoth vendor handy, head to the cave nearby - there's one that can help you with that.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks, I don't know how many times I've been by there and never thought of those sharks. I've got my potion of treasure finding and I'm off to Vashj'ir!