Sunday, October 7, 2012

Encore of random tips for Pandaria

I guess you guys really like those, so here we go again!

Darkmoon Faire
The first few Faires that happen after the launch of an expansion are always busy, mostly because of the trinkets you get for turning in the decks made with inscription (either cards made once a day or whenever you can).
However, this is the first Faire where you can get the full advantage of the revamp and work on the monthly quests they give you.
It's +5 skill points per tradeskill and the tasks they have you do are incredibly easy.
And it's not something to laugh at when you could use the new MoP mats to some better use.
If you're not maxed out with your primary or secondary tradeskills, it's definitely worth making a little side trip with all of your toons.

PS: You'll probably forget it, but don't forget to bring 5x Simple Flour before you go (or grab a bunch to sell to people on-site).

Tradeskill help from the Blingtron 4000
Some Engineers have already crafted the handy Blingtron 4000 already.
Inquisitive minds will have noticed in the tooltip that he gives a random present to people each day (to level +80 characters only).
What is mighty interesting about that is that the present has a chance to give a Fire Spirit, which gives +3 skill points to both of your primary professions (if they're not already maxed).
So if you're in your main city and you see a blue daily quest icon appear on your minimap, chances are someone dropped a Blingtron (he stays up for 10 mins).
It's an 8% drop rate, so don't feel too bad if you don't get it - someone will be looting a Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E., and you'll be dancing your worries away!

Cataclysm Revival
It looks like some Cataclysm markets, after sinking completely, have been left wide open.
Gold-makers should take the advantage of resetting those markets, being very careful that a lot of people that log late in the game will try to (unknowingly) crash the market all over again.
It that happens, it will take a lot of effort to make a stand and keep the prices from falling too low, but there's a way to claim a foothold on these few markets.
And it's certainly important to do it, as the spotlight is shining brightly on crafting leveling right now.
(Note that the enchanting market of Cataclysm will probably take a few more weeks before we can delve into it seriously a.k.a. make ridiculous profits out of it.)

Guild Standards - the buffs that everyone forgot
No, it's not a way to make gold - it's a way to get rep and XP faster.
The guild vendor can sell you 3 standards that give out respectively 5%, 10% and 15% buff on rep and XP gains while killing monsters.
So you might want to look into this when you're farming mobs, running dungeons, etc.
Personally, my standards are almost constantly down all of the time.
Take note that they have a big cooldown on each one of them, so you should try to maximize their use as much as possible: put them down in the middle of your killing spot or room.
The range of the buff is remarkably big and no, the buffs don't stack from multiple standards.
Here's a very detailed explanation of what works and doesn't work, if you're so inclined to know.

Lookin' buffed.

I know that a lot of people are turning to gold-makers to know what sells and what doesn't.
I know that they want to know that if you sell Item X for Price Z it will equal W Gold (where W is TONS of goooooooooooold).
But the truth is that gold-makers can only get a feel of what the worth of items could be like.
What it comes down to is what's happening on your server, and the beginning of an expansion is the best time to try some experiments on the Auction House.
You'll never know what you'll end up catching!
And maybe, in the end, you'll have discovered your own little niche market.
Who knows ? You'll know.
Have a little fun. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More random tips for Pandaria

You asked for it - so here's more!
If you didn't - sorry, here's more!

Pandaria Alchemy
Potion of Luck is the new Potion of Treasure Finding - same trick applies: use it for leveling, farming, grinding rep, etc.

While we're on the subject, Alchemy is incredibly easy to level and complete.
You just need an afternoon of herb farming and you're good to discover all of the new recipes.
If you need help to find out which ones you're still missing, grab AckisRecipeList and you're good to go.
Golden Lotus, however, are a pain in the...flask... to find.

Engineering items
For those of you who don't have an Engineer or don't play around with it regularly, one thing that is important to know about this profession is that complexity makes for a part of it's charm.
People might say it's also one of it's major problems, but I don't think they understand what the kit and philosophy of the profession.
It's complex and that's the whole point about it.
It's tinkering and gathering all sorts of different pieces, getting some parts, turning them into other parts, which become parts for a new item.

That being said, it doesn't mean that you can't make life a little easier for the leveling Engineers by making sure they have fresh supplies in the Auction House at all times.
That's why I always sell Bolts.
Bolts and Bolts and Bolts because that's the bread and butter of every new Engineering tier and they need tons of them.
Also: for different reasons, totally unrelated to the fact that buying the ores or the bars might be cheaper options for them, some people will buy Bolts at whatever cost you'll post them.
And also: there's tons of other items that Engineers need to level their tradeskill.

Burning Crusade green gems
If you follow me on Twitter, I've been mentioning Consortium gems a lot, and well first I'm sorry for spamming you about it.
I know it's not a way to make piles of gold, but it's one of the few times when those green BC gems get their prices raised and they're just there for you to grab
Sell them before people crash the markets again at 1g per gem...

Adamantite and Jewelcrafting
Mercurial Adamantite is needed for Jewelcrafters leveling through the BC content, and it's so easy and cost-effective to make profit out of it, especially if you're the only one doing it.
These days the Adamantite Ore on my server is less than 5g/stack, so there's no excuse.
Buy, prospect, craft, post and post the green gems as well.
You can also sell the Adamantite Powder you get from prospecting, just to make sure you cover as much of the market as you can.

Pandaria Archeology
This is just a simple warning to everyone who's thinking of selling the new archeology keystones.
We have Pandaren and Mogu ones and although they're new, don't expect to make the same kind of profit you would make with the Tol'vir ones.
If there's any other reference for pricing, you should look at the Draenei and Orc ones from Outland.
They come from one expansion, they're the only 2 that people are going to be picking up, and there's a lot of digsites.
So they're not going to be rare and people are not going to be fighting over the keystones.
And like the Draenei and Orc archeology projects, the Pandaren and Mogu projects aren't incredibly hard to complete.
Heck, a friend of mine completed everything except a couple of grey items all in a single day.
So the advantage is : you can do your own and totally skip using the keystones.
The bad side is : not humongous profits.
But for people who don't have patience and have handfuls of gold, they won't see the difference.

Pandaria Jewelcrafting
Having less than 90 Designs to discover at the rate of 1 Design per day makes me a really friggin' happy Jewelcrafter.
If we went at the rate of Wrath or Cataclysm, I'd still be trying to get all these Designs a year from now.
Anyways, Elvine posted this on Twitter and I think it's mighty interesting.

Elvine specified that it's designed for PvE gemming only, but that's really what's interesting to most people.
Also, this link might interest a lot of people.
I'll let the more knowledgeable people talk about it.

Important Beginning-of-Expansion Tip
Be on the lookout for all raw items that sell more to the vendor after transformation.
People are emptying their banks!
And there's a lot of profit to be made in there, if you are so willing as to take the time to look into it.

Last tip : Save this link
Keep this link handy.
No really.
You'll need to go read it a lot.
Just click on it and bookmark it.
I'm not kidding - I keep referring to it a dozen times a day for guildies and myself.

Remember to enjoy the expansion! ^_^